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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on February 18, 2021 | Last Updated: March 5, 2021 Orchids Tropical Flowers

Ah Sam’s Guide to Orchids

There are so many reasons to fall in love with orchids. They make great gifts, require minimal care, promote a calming environment, and are gorgeous. Orchids also have an air of mystique about them that has made them treasured and coveted for hundreds of years. Here at Ah Sam Florist, San Mateo’s top flower shop, we love orchids for the incredible variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and blossoms they have. Each one is unique and magnificent and different from the others. Orchids are a great gift, terrific stress relievers, and beautiful living decor to have in your home. Check out our below blogs on different variety of orchids and other interesting facts about them.

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Phalaenopsis Orchid Care

Known to represent love, prosperity, and strength, the spectacular Phalaenopsis orchid is sure to add exotic elegance to any home decor; and provides a longevity not possible with a simple floral bouquet.

Elevate Your Style with Gorgeous Blue Blooms

Here at San Mateo’s and Silicon Valley’s top flower shop, Ah Sam Florist, we love working with blue blooms as they exude sophistication and elegance. Blue-colored flowers are rarer than others which makes them extra special.

The Amazing Pastel Palette of Spring Flowers

Creating beautiful arrangements with the subtle and delicate colors of pastel flowers lets us breathe in the fresh spring air and let the world know winter is over and rebirth and re-growth is here.

Favorite Flowers of Five Famous Women

The type of flowers you gravitate toward can speak volumes about your personality, so in honor of Women’s History Month, San Mateo and Silicon Valley’s top florist shop, Ah Sam Florist, decided to look into the favorite flowers of a few of today’s famous women.

The Best Valentine’s Gift for Him? Living Plants!

If you’re still trying to decide what to get your boyfriend or husband for Valentine’s Day, our florists at Ah Sam serving San Mateo and Silicon Valley are here to encourage you to look no further than our local flower shop, where you can find plenty of romantic gift ideas for your main man.

Send a Living Plant as a Get-Well Gift to Someone in the Hospital

Living plants are just as beautiful as a vase of flowers, but they don’t die! Your friend or loved one can enjoy a live plant throughout their hospital stay and continue to be reminded of your kindness after they return home.

Six Awesome Tropical Flowers

Tropical regions produce some of the most exotic, colorful, and stunning plants and flowers around. It must have something to do with the non-arid, warm climate that produces such gorgeous and mysterious blooms.

Sending Flowers for Just Because Day

Every day we do everything that needs to be done – we wake up early, go to our jobs, take care of the kids, run errands. But every once in a while, it’s fun to do something out of the ordinary and unexpected.

Caring for Your Indoor Plants and Succulents

Not all plants require the same care, and so it is not possible to give one set of instructions as to how to care for them. However, you can rely on the experts at Ah Sam Florist to assist you with any advice you may need.