Explore our signature designs, handcrafted locally to inspire and celebrate your expressions.

Ah Sam is proud to offer same-day delivery and customization on a stunning range of faux botanical plants with a container. 

Favorites in Plants


Explore our signature designs, handcrafted locally to inspire and celebrate your expressions. Select from an assortment of blooming plants and orchids, in addition to European gardens and container gardens of the season.




Plants are an excellent gift. They are a long-lasting present that can bring joy. Plants are a talking point, are alive, and are an excellent decoration for any office, home, business, balcony, or wherever!

Ah Sam sources our plants from local growers, meaning that you are getting the freshest plant-available! With same-day delivery and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you can be sure that your plant will bring you joy to years to come.

We offer a wide variety of plants in our robust online catalog, and even more in store. From our personalized succulent terrariums to air plants, orchids, cacti, ficus trees, dish gardens, peace lilies, dish gardens with a variety of plants, hoya hearts, money trees, bamboo, and blooming bushes like the Azalea, there is no shortage of plants to explore!

Indoor plants can bring you joy and brighten your home. They are an excellent addition to any household or office.

Ah Sam offers same-day delivery from our San Mateo storefront to the greater Bay area. We hand-deliver with our own delivery drivers. You can always get delivery with Ah Sam.

Orchids, Hoya, and succulents are typically pet-friendly. For more information on specific plants and your pet, please call our design experts.

Many indoor plants and succulents are very easy to take care of. For more information, visit our plant care page or call our floral designers.

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