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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on December 11, 2023 | Last Updated: January 2, 2024 Flower Gifts Flowers Valentine's Day

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Him? A Personalized Flower Bouquet

Love is in the air, which can mean only one thing — Valentine’s Day is almost here! If you’re still trying to decide what to get your boyfriend or husband for Valentine’s Day, our romance and gifting experts at Ah Sam Floral Co., the top flower shop in San Mateo, are here to share the best advice for personalizing a fresh bouquet for your man.

Did you know that men actually enjoy receiving flowers just as much as women do? In fact, 60% of men truly desire fresh flowers to celebrate special occasions or just because; however, only 12% ever receive them as a gift for themselves. Thankfully, the trends are shifting in the right direction, and Ah Sam Floral Co. is delivering more and more bouquets to men for Valentine’s Day every year. Studies have even shown that men who receive flowers become more open and communicative, making better eye contact and standing closer to their loved ones. So, if you’re looking to turn up the romance this year with a fresh bouquet of stems for your man, here are a few tips to steer you in the right direction.

Tell Your Florist About Him

Collaborate with your local florist to design the ideal Valentine’s Day arrangement for your guy. While they have the best seasonal blooms and artistic expertise, you’ll bring to the table insights into your man’s favorite colors, style, and personality traits that can be incorporated into the final piece. With help from a professional, you’ll be able to ensure the stems communicate just the right message for Valentine’s Day, whether they offer symbolic meaning or represent a special moment or memory in your relationship.

Opt for Red, Orange, or Yellow Blooms

Studies show that bright, warm, and lively colors such as red, orange, and yellow really catch a guy’s attention. Red blooms, like roses, are traditional favorites for expressing love and deep feelings, making them a go-to for Valentine’s Day arrangements. Orange flowers are all about vibrancy and energy – they’re fantastic for lifting his spirits or celebrating his fun and outgoing nature. Yellow flowers are like little sunbeams, symbolizing joy and all the happiness he brings into your life.

Select Contemporary Designs

For a Valentine’s Day gift that stands out, select a floral arrangement for your guy that is inspired by the minimalist elegance of modern art and architecture. These contemporary designs are sleek and often stick to a monochromatic palette. Consider the refined presence of tall bamboo, the exotic allure of birds of paradise, or a singular focus on a striking flower such as red anthuriums. For a more nature-inspired approach, a bouquet that looks as though it’s been freshly picked from a meadow, with a mix of wildflowers, greenery, and earth-toned florals, can be an endearing and thoughtful choice, especially for the man who loves the great outdoors.

Consider the Vase Choice

A key component of any floral arrangement is the vase. The container that holds each stem contributes to the arrangement’s overall look and feel and helps convey your Valentine’s Day sentiment. Flowers for men that come in dark vases, wooden vessels, and contemporary or minimalist pieces have a bold and masculine aesthetic, similar to their favorite, well-worn leather jacket or a perfectly tailored suit.

Connect the Arrangement to His Hobbies or Pair Flowers With a Gift

Celebrate your partner’s hobbies this Valentine’s Day by adding a personal touch to their flower arrangement. If he’s a guitarist, attaching a guitar pick to the bouquet adds a musical twist. For the sports fan, include a keychain with his favorite team’s logo. You can also pair the flowers with a thoughtful gift that aligns with his interests, like his drink of choice, tickets to an upcoming concert or sporting event, or reservations to a sought-after restaurant. While enhancing the bouquet, these special additions prove how much you see, support, and love your man.

If you’re still not sure what to pick out for your partner, husband, or boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, don’t worry! Ah Sam Floral Co. is always happy to provide personalized recommendations to help you find the best gift for your sweetheart.