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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on March 31, 2020 | Last Updated: February 18, 2021 Flower Gifts Flowers

The Amazing Pastel Palette of Spring Flowers

The wonderful pastel flowers of spring are here! At Ah Sam Florist, San Mateo and Silicon Valley’s premier florist, we couldn’t be happier. Creating beautiful arrangements with the subtle and delicate colors of pastel flowers lets us breathe in the fresh spring air and let the world know winter is over and rebirth and re-growth is here. Check out some of the favorite pastel flowers we enjoy working with.

Treat someone to a cheerful palette of floral bliss with tulips, roses, hydrangea, stock and more in stylish glass vase bringing a splash of spring color to any space!

Spring Soiree

Pastel feminine roses and spray roses are delicately arranged make this design really romantic.

Ravishing Roses

The Awesome Pastel Palette of Spring Flowers

Pastel florals are a wonderful way to introduce spring. They softly announce that the harsh hues of winter are over and we’re waking up to the vibrant colors of summer, but not just yet. For a few moments, things are a bit softer, calmer, and gently welcoming. These are the feelings pastels bring which is why they are popular not just in the floral world, but in home decor and everyday objects as well.

Pastels are commonly associated with spring holidays, though, such as Easter and Mother’s Day, and flower arrangements of beautiful pastel-colored flowers make terrific gifts for both holidays. Some of our favorite light-hued florals are listed below.

Pale Pink Roses

Pink Roses

Pink is a light blush or red, more subdued, soft, and quiet. Is speaks of love and adoration, just like the red rose, only more in a whisper than a shout. The pink rose can also stand for elegance, femininity, and sweetness. Either way, the light blush of a delicate, fragrant pink rose is a welcome addition to any home.

Peach Roses

Peach Roses

The light, pale peach color is a nice, softer version of orange, which is bold and loud. Peach colored roses are welcoming and wonderful and represent gratitude and sincerity. It also connotes a warm feeling of friendship and caring. A bouquet of just peach roses definitely cheers up any room.

Pale Yellow Roses

Pale Yellow Roses

Pale yellow roses are as refreshing and pleasant as the scent of pale lemons. A lighter, softer color of the sun, the pale yellow rose effuses light, charm, warmth, and good luck. All three of these beautiful pastel-colored roses can be seen in our Ravishing Roses arrangement. Along with some darker shades of pink amongst a background of bright, fresh greens, this is a floral arrangement that subtly yet whispers “I adore you.”

Pink Gerbera Daisy


It’s hard to look upon a daisy and not smile. Representing innocence, purity, and a new beginning, the daisy is the perfect symbol of spring. Coming in nearly every color under the sun, pastel-colored daisies and much softer and more innocent-seeming than their boldly colored cousins. The light yellow daisy symbolizes happiness and friendship and the peach daisy is joy and gratitude.

Pink Tulips


The amazing tulip is one of the most popular flowers of spring. They have a wide variety of meanings depending on their color, but in general, they symbolize love and the arrival of spring. With the bold colors of yellow, red, pink, and orange, the paler tulips are less common, but much more compelling.

Blue and Lavender Hydrangea


The hydrangea shrub boasts a gloriously full head of flowers in a variety of colors. A delightful addition to any garden, hydrangeas also are beautiful in floral arrangements due their lush, full appearance. In fact, abundances and prosperity are two traits associated with these gorgeous flowers. Incorporating hydrangea, daisies, and tulips along with white orchids, pink roses, and other greenery, the Spring Soiree arrangement of pastel florals is pure spring bliss!

Send Spring Flowers Now

Pastel flower arrangements are the perfect choice for celebrating Easter and Mother’s Day. Brighten up someone’s day by sending them spring flowers, and for the best in San Mateo and Silicon Valley flower delivery, choose Ah Sam Florist.