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Phalaenopsis Orchid Care

Known to represent love, prosperity, and strength, the spectacular Phalaenopsis orchid is sure to add exotic elegance to any home decor; and provides a longevity not possible with a simple floral bouquet.

Perhaps making them a perfect gift, Phalaenopsis orchids are designed to make the most of their environment, resulting in orchid care which is relatively easy to learn. When just a few simple steps are followed, the recipient will enjoy months and years of recurring and opulent blooms.

The Phalaenopsis Orchid family are stunning yet low-maintenance house plants. They thrive in conditions familiar to your home; requiring only 75-85 degree daytime temperatures and indirect or early morning (direct) sun.  In the San Francisco Bay area, we’re fortunate to enjoy this exotic flower throughout the year!

Those not prone to a green thumb will often attribute improper watering to their troubles. But don’t worry, once again the proper Phalaenopsis orchid care ensures that the cultivation this dramatic flowering plant is easy. For best results, simply keep the medium moist but not saturated. In controlled and moderate conditions – for instance, in your home – you should reasonably expect to water the orchid every 5-7 days.

Orchid Care

Blooming Love Orchid Garden

Orchid Care

Exotic Phalaenopsis Orchis Plant

Of course, with all the beauty these orchids add to your home, you’ll want them to bloom over and over again! When the flowers have faded, cutting the spike or stem will encourage the orchid to re-bloom; and you will once again be experiencing the sophisticated and luxurious flower within weeks. Every one to three years, your orchid will also require repotting; in the spring and after the main bloom is the most opportune time. For more in depth environmental recommendations, watering, re-potting and fertilization strategies, check out the Phalaenopsis orchid care documentation on this site.

When considering a gift of orchids, choose Ah Sam Florist in San Mateo. We showcase the classic Phalaenopsis orchids discussed above in beautiful arrangements such as the popular Blooming Love Orchid Garden. Or opt for a more dramatic statement and choose a single sophisticated Phalaenopsis Orchid, which draws all attention by its classic simplicity. Whatever your Bay area floral needs, we invite you to browse Ah Sam’s selection of items that feature this resilient orchid. By simply learning the basics of orchid care, their unique beauty will be a source of joy for many seasons to come.