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The Best Red Flowers of Autumn and Winter

Few things can brighten your spirits and your home like dazzling red flowers. Send away the ennui of winter and turn up the cheer with vibrant red blossoms. Red is a powerful color that has a presence unlike any other and embodies a wide range of emotions, from passion and love to anger and power and even vitality and happiness. Our floral experts here at Ah Sam Floral Co., the best florist in San Mateo, CA, love red flowers for their dazzling rich color, dynamism, warmth, and delight they bring to any room.

Here are our 10 favorite red blooms of the winter and fall to help make your home feel warmer and brighter.

First, a note about the color red: Why is red such an exciting flower color?

Red has been a color that inspired and motivated humans since ancient times when red clay was ground up and used to paint images on cave walls. Since then, the importance of red has increased, with it taking on a wide range of symbolism, such as love, romance, Holy blood, life, war, power, wealth, beauty, passion, danger, lust, and adventure, to name a few. In western countries, red paired with green usually symbolizes Christmastime. Similarly, when paired with blue and white in the United States, red symbolizes patriotism. In several Asian countries, red symbolizes good fortune. Because of this, in countries like Nepal and India, brides wear red gowns for wealth, luck, and good fortune.

The bright splash of color and vivacity of red blooms are impossible to ignore. See how your home and spirits transform when in the presence of an arrangement of gorgeous, cheery red blooms.

Red Flowers of Fall

Red Flowers of Winter


This symbol of love is a favorite of many painters as the simple beauty of the red anemone is striking.


This charming daisy-like bloom represents undying devotion. The aster is also known as the Michaelmas daisy due to its appearance.


A favorite flower of fall, the red mum represents passion and love in a bright and upbeat way.

Gerbera Daisy

These bold and charming flowers signify complete immersion in love.


This large and bold bloom signifies the steadfast beating of a heart in love.


The majestic bell-shaped blossom of the amaryllis is mesmerizing. Representing radiant beauty, this beautiful bloom will sweeten any room.


With a striking and rich red spathe, the unique-looking anthurium symbolizes admiration and love.


Luxuriant, frilly, and pretty red carnations signify deep love for someone.


An iconic symbol of love, romance, and passion, roses are perfect for nearly any occasion because of their perfect beauty and fragrance during this holiday season.


Delicate and aromatic, red sweetpeas are cute and energetic. These flowers signify blissful pleasure.

What is the Red Christmas Flower?

The most iconic red Christmas flower is the poinsettia, otherwise known as the Christmas Star. An extremely common occurrence during the holidays, the poinsettia has radiant red leaves and dark green leaves, which makes it the ideal symbol for the holiday season. Bright and cheerful, it’s a great way to fill your home with warmth and joy. The great thing about poinsettias is that with proper care, poinsettias can rebloom year after year.

Brighten up your appealing abode this fall and winter by adorning it with fresh red flowers. Red flowers also make great gifts to family members, friends, and loved ones who try to chase away the doldrums of winter. Begin your search for the perfect red blooms at Ah Sam Floral Co. in San Mateo today!

Festive red flowers for the holidays