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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on August 8, 2017 | Last Updated: February 18, 2021 Flowers

Sending Flowers for Just Because Day

just because day Every day we do everything that needs to be done – we wake up early, go to our jobs, take care of the kids, run the errands. But every once in a while, it’s fun to do something out of the ordinary and unexpected. That is what National Just Because Day is all about! On August 27,you have an excuse to do something for no reason, other than it makes you -or someone else – happy. Sending flowers is an excellent way to express admiration, gratitude, or friendship – or simply to let someone know they are on your mind. Ah Sam Florist has been delivering smiles to the San Mateo area for years, and one of our favorite reasons to arrive on someone’s doorstep with flowers is “Just Because”.

There are many ways to celebrate Just Because Day. Maybe you have been wanting to try that hot new restaurant – so make the reservation! Do you appreciate the teachers at your child’s school? Drop off some cookies, just because. Or maybe, you want to acknowledge the barista who makes your coffee every morning – so send her flowers! There is a joy in doing something unexpected for no reason, and this day gives you the perfect opportunity to do so.

You can make an ordinary day truly special with vividly colored flowers – choose orchids, roses, daisies, lilies – there are so many choices!  “Just Because” flowers don’t have to come with a reason attached – they just need to be gorgeous.

National “Just Because Day” is August 27 – do something for no other reason other than it makes you happy! And remember, we are also here for every special occasion throughout the year. You can trust the floral designers at Ah Sam Florist to provide the beauty for every milestone.