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Six Awesome Tropical Flowers

Tropical regions produce some of the most exotic, colorful, and stunning plants and flowers around. It must have something to do with the non-arid, warm climate that produces such gorgeous and mysterious blooms. Tropical flowers are unique in their exquisite, vibrant beauty and amazing fragrance. With bright colors, interesting shapes, different textures, and aromas, an arrangement of tropical flowers makes a bold statement wherever it’s placed.

At Ah Sam, we specialize in creating tropical floral arrangements from fresh, high-quality tropical flowers, and we’re proud to serve vibrant and passionate florals to the San Mateo, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco Bay areas.

Here are some of our favorite tropical flowers:


Red Ginger


Anthurium – Also known as the Painted Tongue, the Anthurium is native to tropical America. The bright red, heart-shaped leaf, (the spathe) has a waxy appearance and grows outwards from the base of numerous tiny flowers called the spadix. A symbol of exotic beauty, this unique and striking bloom comes in a variety of exciting colors like burgundy, white, green, pink, and chocolate.

Red Ginger – Shiny, brightly colored oblong leaves characterize the red ginger plant, also known as ostrich plume. It’s a tropical perennial with small white, inconspicuous flowers at the tips of the leaves (floral bracts).

Heliconia – The unusual blossoms of the Heliconia are similar to bird of paradise, but the unusual-shaped leaves are brightly colored with reds, yellows, and oranges. A stunning and exotic bloom, these plants are often used in high-end decorations.

Phaleanopsis Orchid

Pin Cushion Protea

Phalaenopsis Orchids – Commonly known as Moth Orchids, have flat, curved petals with bright, saturated colors. Highly popular, this orchid has an arching spray of elegant blooms displaying exotic grace and beauty.

Pin Cushion Protea – With thin, tubular petals that curve upwards to create a ball-shaped, ethereal form, this exotic bloom brings mystery and intrigue to any floral arrangement. The pin cushion protea comes in rich colors of oranges, burgundys, yellows, and reds and symbolizes courage, diversity, and transformation.

Mink Protea – A member of the Protea family, the mink version varies quite dramatically from the pin cushion variety. With cone-shaped bracts colored medium to dark pink, the durable mink protea is a spectacular focal point in floral arrangements.


Enchanted Orchid Garden

Bloom Box

Our Kahala display shows how well these tropical flowers work together to create a visually stunning arrangement of bright colors, and exotic shapes and textures. The bold anthurium is combined with the subtle yet striking mink protea with white moth orchids offering a wonderful contrast to the red ginger.

The Enchanted Orchid Garden display shows off the elegant beauty of the phalaenopsis orchid. Two orchids, one with a vibrant purple hue and one that’s dramatic white, are set amongst soft greens that highlight their wild beauty.

The Bloombox display is a compact design that’s bursting with personality. Bright orange and yellow roses are combined with the mysterious pin cushion protea. Succulents, flower pods, and grasses fill out the display providing an arrangement full of exotic textures, shapes, and colors.

For over 85 years, Ah Sam has been providing the Bay Area with the highest quality of customer service and exceptional floral designs. Check out more of amazing design and tropical displays here!