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Send a Living Plant as a Get-Well Gift to Someone in the Hospital

At Ah Sam Florist in San Mateo, we love flowers and think they make great gifts, but we recommend sending living plants as get-well gifts to the hospital. Living plants are just as beautiful as a vase of flowers, but they don’t die! Your friend or loved one can enjoy a live plant throughout their hospital stay and continue to be reminded of your kindness after they return home. Plus, living plants not only provide enduring beauty and comfort, as they’re long-lasting, they’re also exceptionally beneficial to hospital patients.

Deliver the Many Benefits of Living Plants to a Hospital Patient

Plants purify and oxygenate the air, a service that’s beneficial to everyone, but especially hospital patients. Plus, the presence of plants has been shown to induce both psychological and physiological relaxation. The health benefits don’t stop there!

Studies, which compared patient outcomes between individuals with plants and those without plants in their hospital rooms, produced some very interesting findings. These studies have shown that patients with plants in their hospital rooms have lower blood pressure and experience less pain. They report fewer feelings of anxiety and generally experience less fatigue. They also require less pain medication than patients with no plants.

The verdict? Plants have scientifically proven health benefits that help patients recover more quickly and with less stress.

The Best Plants to Send to the Hospital

We have a wide variety of get-well gifts, including living plants, that will cheer up your loved one and speed his or her recovery. One of our get-well favorites is the Ciao! Orchid & Succulent Garden. In this potted arrangement, brilliant orchids bloom above a variety of succulents in an attractive wooden planter. Available in two sizes, this living plant arrangement will fit perfectly in any hospital room.

If you love the idea of the orchid’s tropical beauty but need to find a petite gift, we recommend the Glass Act Orchid. This miniature living orchid blooms artfully from a glass lantern, accented with a rope handle and tranquil glass beads.

Ciao! Orchid and Succulent Garden

Glass Act

Dish Garden

If you’re looking for a pollen-free leafy green plant, choose a living plant that doesn’t bloom. We recommend our popular Dish Garden. This white ceramic container offers up a pleasing variety of low-maintenance, green, non-blooming plants. Pathos, snake and spider plants, and calatheas, also make great options, as they’re easy to care for and do well in lots of environments. In the hospital and at home, these plants purify the air and balance humidity, while creating a calming, stress-free environment.

How to Ensure a Smooth Floral Delivery to the Hospital

Plants are meant to reduce stress — not cause it — and we do everything we can to ensure stress-free deliveries. Before you choose and order a living plant delivery for your friend or loved one in the hospital, consider the following advice:

  • Be sure to select a plant that won’t aggravate your recipient’s allergies or sensitivity to fragrances. Green, non-blooming plants are the safest choice, here.
  • Double-check that the medical center or hospital allows floral or live plant deliveries.
  • Ask whether they have set hours for receiving deliveries.
  • When you call the florist, be ready to provide your friend’s full name and room number, in addition to the name and address of the hospital.
  • Think about whether you want to include a brief message with your delivery.

Plants Not Allowed? What to Send to the Hospital, if You Can’t Send a Living Plant

Some hospitals and medical centers don’t allow the delivery of live plants or floral arrangements. If you encounter this problem, there’s no need to worry. Ah Sam Florist can deliver a wide variety of get-well gifts that’ll cheer up your loved one in the hospital. Consider sending a gourmet basket filled with delicious treats or a chamomile tea self-care kit. The options are endless!

If you’d like to order a living plant or another gift to be delivered to a hospital, we welcome you to contact one of our florists today. We’ll help you select a gift that’ll be sure to cheer up your friend or loved one and deliver it right away.

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