Cut Orchid Care

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A cluster of white orchids in sharp contrast against a navy blue wall

Taking Care of Your Cut Orchid

To extend the life of your cut orchids, change their water daily and give their stems a fresh trim every 2 - 4 days to ensure proper hydration. Cut off excess leaves and even orchid blooms that fall below the water line to avoid buildup of bacteria that could be harmful to the overall flower or arrangement. Removing any dead blooms or leaves throughout the life of your orchids will also help to increase their longevity.

Be sure to handle your orchids with the utmost care as they are a delicate bloom. With two hands for support, gently pick up your orchids so the fragile stem does not break. Although they originated in tropical and subtropical climates, orchids thrive best in locations that are not overly warm and do not receive direct sunlight. Since orchids can be harmful to our furry friends, display them on a tall shelf or in a place where your pets cannot reach.

Pro Tip:

Even if orchid flowers fall, you can continue caring for these blooms and encourage more growth. Simply eliminate the dead bits of the orchid and ensure it has fresh, clean water daily. This way, you can enjoy your orchids for weeks!