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Sympathy ribbons are available. Select the type of ribbon during check-out.
Banners with Chinese characters require an emailed image of the requested script to with the order number.  

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Custom designs are available. Ribbon banners are offered at an additional fee. Call us for personalized assistance at 650-341-5611.

Ah Sam Floral Co in the Bay Area understands the cultural significance and sensitivity surrounding funeral traditions, including those in the Chinese community. When it comes to flowers for Chinese funerals, certain customs and symbolism are essential to consider. White flowers, particularly chrysanthemums, are commonly chosen for Chinese funerals as they symbolize purity and mourning.

Ah Sam Floral Co takes great care in offering floral arrangements that respect and honor these traditions. They can provide elegant floral arrangements, wreaths, and sprays that convey condolences and sympathy while adhering to the cultural significance of the occasion. Each arrangement is thoughtfully created to pay homage to the departed and offer comfort to the grieving family.

Chinese funerals are a time for reflection and remembrance, and the right choice of flowers can provide solace and support. Ah Sam Floral Co's expertise in crafting culturally appropriate arrangements ensures that you can express your condolences in a manner that respects Chinese funeral customs, helping you navigate this difficult time with grace and compassion.

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