Leis & Flower Crowns

A lei is given for celebrations, love, friendship, honor and special events to distinguish the person from others.  Both men and women wear leis draped over the shoulders and is given with a hug and kiss. 

Favorites in Leis & Flower Crowns

Whether for a graduation, birthday, or retirement our leis will be a perfect gift to add life and color to any special occasion! Opt for a classic Hawaiian Orchid Lei or change things with up a Fragrant Stephanotis Lei.

Selecting a lei or flower crown as your wearable floral arrangement for a formal occasion is a choice that radiates natural beauty, elegance, and a dash of individuality. These floral accessories not only make a stylish statement but also convey a sense of celebration and festivity, elevating your overall look for the occasion. When it comes to the Bay Area, Ah Sam Floral Co stands out as the premier option for these exquisite floral arrangements. One of Ah Sam Floral Co's key strengths is its team of expert floral designers. Their profound understanding of floral artistry ensures that your lei or flower crown is meticulously crafted using fresh, high-quality blooms. This guarantees that the final creation not only aligns with your style but also resonates with the essence of the event.

Ah Sam Floral Co offers an extensive array of flower options, enabling you to choose blooms that resonate with your taste and the event's theme. Their commitment to customization ensures that your lei or flower crown is a unique and personalized expression of your vision. Supporting local businesses is significant, and Ah Sam Floral Co frequently sources its flowers locally. This not only contributes to the community but also ensures the freshness and sustainability of the blooms used.

Whether it's a wedding, prom, graduation, or any other formal event, Ah Sam Floral Co has the expertise to create leis and flower crowns that perfectly complement the occasion. Their attention to detail guarantees that your wearable floral arrangement not only looks stunning but is also comfortable to wear throughout the event.

Opting for a lei or flower crown as your wearable floral arrangement is a sophisticated and distinctive choice that adds a touch of natural beauty to your ensemble for a formal occasion. Ah Sam Floral Co in the Bay Area excels in creating these arrangements, offering expertise, customization, local sourcing, and meticulous attention to detail, making them the ultimate choice for your special event.

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