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Keeping Our Community Safe. We're still here online for you.

Here at Ah Sam Floral, we will remain in compliance with the mandate to prevent the spread and hope to save lives from COVID-19. We are accepting online orders for delivery beginning May 4th or consider an e-gift card for a gift today. We look forward to brightening your occasions when it is deemed safe to reopen.  Our plan is to resume business on May 4th or until we receive an alternate message.  Thank you for your support of small businesses. 

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Call our floral experts at (650) 341-5611 and we'll make it easy to find a memorable gift.


What's their style?  Classic - A sophisticate and elegant versatile style for any decor.  Contemporary - A stylized artistic statement.  Island Living - A taste of the tropics.  Romantic - An air of enchanting loveliness. 

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