Make It A Designer’s Choice Kind Of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day comes with its own kind of pressure: the pressure to give flowers and then the pressure to give the right kind. While it’s true you can’t go wrong with a vase of long-stemmed red roses, they can often seem a little rote and obligatory. Offering a custom piece is the antidote to that feeling, both on your part and on the part of the recipient. Here at Ah Sam Florist we love having the opportunity to work with you in creating a gorgeous original design that will really enthrall your special someone.

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Valentine’s Day Is Upon Us

Yes, Valentine’s Day is upon us, and it’s time to do a little forward-thinking. Specifically, about what you’re going to give that special someone, or someones, or even yourself. Three weeks is the perfect amount of lead time to figure out who’s getting what – will it be a sweet bouquet for your daughter? A crimson blooming plant for your mom? A vase of stemmy red roses for sweetheart? We here at Ah Sam Flowers have it all, and we’ve got plenty of ideas for you, too. Interested in a custom design? Tune in to next week’s blog, when we’ll be featuring Designer’s Choice.

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Highlights From Our Holiday Gift Guide

Who’s on your list as you shop for Christmas and Hannukah this year? Does it seem like everyone?

In that case, we’ve got you covered with our Holiday Gift Guide, a robust collection of holiday blooms, winter greens, plants, wreaths, centerpieces and more. In this week’s blog, we’re showcasing three of our favorite pieces. Each shows off the incredible range of colors, textures, accents and scents available during this season, as well as the creative approach we here at Ah Sam Florist take in bringing something truly special to you.

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A Sweet Secret Santa Gift

Doing the Secret Santa thing at work this holiday season? You’re not alone. This fun group gift swap has only gained in popularity over the last several decades and spans the globe. In Ireland, they call it “Kris Kringel,” while in Germany, it’s “Wichteln.” Countless other countries have countless other names for it, and variations on the theme abound. But the premise always remains the same: a group of gift-givers are each assigned one person to whom they must anonymously offer a gift. Whether that means leaving the gift on a desk or under a tree is up to each Secret Santa group.

Here at Ah Sam Florist, we’ve got a way to sweeten up your contribution, no matter who it’s going to.

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Inspiring Decor for Your Holiday Office

We love decorating our homes for the holidays, but what about the office? Since we spend so much time at work, it’s great to come together as a team and hang garland, set up the tree and place the poinsettias. Decorating the office with your coworkers gives everyone the chance to take a break from holiday stress and to have a bit of fun. Once your workplace is all dressed for the season, it feels refreshed and becomes a festive place to return to each day. So spread the holiday cheer this year and let Ah Sam Florist help you deck those workplace halls.

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Thanksgiving Centerpieces That Wow

Thanksgiving embraces the gathering of family and friends for a bountiful feast. Whether your harvest celebration is an elegant or rustic event, there are so many things to remember when it comes to pulling off your Thanksgiving table (or two). Tablecloths to unfurl, napkins to fold, making sure you have enough seats for everyone at the main table and devising a smaller one for the kids along, not to mention the food prep itself.

But an item we add to the table in the rich shades of the season before filling it with food is here at Ah Sam Flowers.

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Halloween Decor & Designs

The yard may be strung with cobwebs and ghosts, but your Halloween decor doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom inside the house as well. Halloween’s just as cheerful a holiday as it is a scary one, and its decorations can be both, too. While candles, pumpkins and skeletons will definitely do the trick, fall’s flowers come in all the same autumnal colors and don’t have to be boxed back up and put away once Halloween night is over. They’re also a wonderful antidote to the plastic spiders and ghouls you’re decorating with already.

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Sweetest Day Flowers & Gifts Show Kindness

Sweetest Day

Just over 100 years ago, a tradition began in the Midwest. People began giving out sweets and candies to those who were down and out, or to those who needed some encouragement. They named the day “Sweetest Day”, and the movement still exists today. It has now expanded to all kinds of acts of kindness. not just candy. The idea is that if you know someone who is going through a hard time, a sad time, or simply could use a pick-me-up, that on October 21, you do something nice, just to tell them “you’re the sweetest, and you deserve nice things to be done for you. ”

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Sending Flowers on Grandparents Day

grandparents dayGrandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, a day set aside to honor the very special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach children about the strength, information and guidance older generations can offer to their families and communities. The founder of the day, Marian McQuade, wanted Grandparents Day to be a family day. She envisioned families enjoying each other in small gatherings, holding family reunions, or participating together in community events.

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Patriotic Flowers for July Fourth

patriotic flowers

July fourth is nearly upon us  – and with it all the parades, picnics, and celebrations that make it one of our favorite holidays of the year. If you are hosting the barbecue, or if you are looking for a beautiful hostess gift for those who are, look no further than Ah Sam Florist. We’ve taken the traditional red, white, and blue and transformed it into our own beautiful style that will make any gathering more gorgeous!

Did We Get it Wrong? John Adams wrote that July 2, the date the Second Continental Congress voted in Philadelphia to declare independence from Britain, would be the day that we celebrated freedom. “The Second Day of July 1776, will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America,” Adams wrote on July 3 and declared that “pomp and parade, shows, games, sports, bells, bonfires, and illuminations” should be part of the revelry. Still, July 4th has come down through history as the day to celebrate.  Continue reading