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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on February 16, 2024 Flower Gifts Flowers Roses Tulips

Our Favorite Flowers For International Women’s Day

Annually, on March 8th, we celebrate International Women’s Day — a day dedicated to championing women’s rights and their awe-inspiring stories. It’s the perfect time to honor the women who’ve cleared paths for you to achieve your dreams and the community that’s inspired, motivated, and shaped you into who you are today. Since IWD is celebrated with three symbolic hues — purple for justice and devotion, green for hope, and white for purity, sending flowers in these meaningful colors is a beautiful way to celebrate. From the women who continue paving the way to your inner circle of allies who’ve stood by you on your toughest days, your friends here at Ah Sam Floral Co., the top florist in San Mateo, have just the blooms to brighten their day (or yours)! Join us in marking IDW with meaningful flowers that radiate appreciation and respect for women everywhere.


Roses have this classic charm that is beloved worldwide. On IWD, the many shades and hues of roses, from the deep purples, vibrant greens, and classic whites to sweet pinks and sunny yellows, have something to contribute to your conversations of admiration and gratitude. Be intentional when selecting roses; perhaps leaning towards dark pink for a nod of thankfulness or bright yellow for a burst of joy and friendship. Crafting personalized messages through fresh flowers is one of the most thoughtful ways to celebrate those who have inspired you.


IWD lands at the end of the cold winter season, just when we’re all itching for a bit of spring and sunshine. With longer, sunnier days just around the corner, there is no better way to lean into that feeling of new beginnings than with tulips! These flowers are nature’s way of saying it’s time for renewal and a fresh start. That being said, gifting a bunch of tulips is an amazing gesture to acknowledge someone’s achievements and the exciting opportunities ahead. With so many tulip varieties out there (over 3,000), there’s a great opportunity to design a bouquet that’s as vibrant and diverse as the incredible person you’re celebrating.

Gerbera Daisies

Known for their cheerful demeanor, gerbera daisies are a vibrant choice for celebrating the spirit of IWD. Their bold yet unassuming presence makes an iconic statement of joy and positivity! Pair gerbera daisies with your favorite greenery or white blooms to create an arrangement that’s full of life and amazement.


Summon happiness, success, and positive outcomes with lucky peonies! With an impressive vase life, these resilient blooms are representative of the resilience in women who have paved the way and continue making positive changes while supporting others. Sending peonies to your crew on IWD is a great way to keep the momentum going.


Orchids burst onto the scene in a stunning array of shapes and colors, offering the ultimate palette to convey your message in a way that radiates sheer elegance and luxury. With their modern, tropical vibe and universal appeal, orchids strike a chord with quite a wide audience, making them the perfect tribute for the incredible women and allies we honor on IWD. Whether your style is sleek and contemporary or you aim to show your appreciation with something out of the ordinary, orchids stand out as the best blooms for the job.

Mimosa Flower

Representing strength, sensibility, and sensitivity, mimosa flowers have been the symbolic flower for IWD since March 8, 1946. Chosen by feminists in Italy, the mimosa flower has blossomed over the decades into IWD’s iconic bloom. Their sunny disposition and warmth can also be found in more common flowers, like daisies, or accent stems, such as wax flowers, goldenrod, alstroemeria, and gold aster, that amplify the messages of joy, friendship, and trust.

At Ah Sam Floral Co., our goal is to help you make IWD as stunningly beautiful as it is meaningful and memorable, all through the charm of fresh flowers.

Flowers to Honor International Women's Day