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Best Gift Ideas to Go Along with Flowers

A delightful arrangement for your starry eyed rose dreamer. Our Starry Eyed Roses features our premium red roses intertwined with fragrant stargazer lilies. Elevate the presentation to grand with the inclusion of hydrangea, snapdragons and seasonal foliage.


Have you ever wondered why flowers are one of the best gifts to give someone? People of all ages love to receive gorgeous blooms, and flowers are perfect for every occasion, from Valentine’s Day to birthdays and romantic date nights to “just because.” They are bright, beautiful, fragrant, affordable, uplifting, and simply the perfect gift! Not to mention, there are proven health benefits of having flowers around. So, if you are looking for that ideal gift, a floral bouquet is a no-brainer. But what if you also wanted to include another item to make the present even more romantic?

Here at Ah Sam Florist, San Mateo and Silicon Valley’s premier florist, we have got you covered! Not only do we offer an assortment of great floral gifts, but we’ve also curated a helpful list of romantic gift items below that pair perfectly with any bouquet of flowers for your sweetheart.

Romantic Gift Ideas to Send with Flowers

gift of chocolate sweets with a red ribbon

Artisan Chocolates

There is no wonder why flowers and chocolate are an icon of romantic gifts! Artisan chocolates are terrific treats that go perfectly with flowers. A bouquet of their favorite blooms is a delight to their eyes and nose, and creamy, decadent chocolates are a delight to their taste buds. Together, it’s a delectable treat for all your senses!

Spa setting on mat

Spa Essentials

Scented soaps, bath bombs, and luxurious lotions are wonderful items that go well with flowers. Just as the sweet fragrance from a beautiful bouquet of flowers produces immediate tranquility and calm, so do fragrant spa essentials that help you relax and melt away any stress. When pairing, pick a color or a scent to match the bouquet to show you’ve put even more thought into this meaningful, sensitive, and romantic gift package.


Romance Novel

While a quick whiff of flowers has the power to transport you to a tropical or romantic paradise, books can also lead you to another world or favorite destination. Having this in common makes pairing flowers and books a dynamic duo, especially if your partner loves to read. If a good book seems like the perfect fit, try finding a passionate or sentimental romance novel for a fun and different kind of romantic gift.

Golden earrings isolated, with white crystals and diamonds. Beautiful earrings on white background.


Gorgeous flowers paired with exquisite jewelry is a win-win! Fancy diamond or pearl necklaces are fabulous, as well as a charm for her favorite bracelet or lovely earrings. Classy, elegant, glamorous, or simple jewelry is sure to make the special woman in your life swoon, especially if it comes packaged with a lavish bouquet of flowers.

Champagne and pink roses

Bottle of Wine

After working a long day, a romantic surprise of flowers and a nice bottle of wine will undoubtedly make someone’s day. Enjoying a glass of wine while admiring some stunning florals is the perfect way to relax and savor the good things in life, especially if there are two wine glasses!

Burning candle and beautiful flowers on wooden table indoors


Pairing a few candles along with flowers makes any environment romantic and elegant. Lighting a candle instantly adds ambiance and tranquility to a room and is always the beginning of a beautiful night of romance or relaxation that your loved one won’t soon forget.

So many gifts pair well with flowers because flowers themselves are the perfect gift desired and loved by everyone. Make any gift you give someone a little more romantic by adding flowers. Check out our online selection of floral arrangements for some striking floral bouquets with red roses, pink blooms, and luscious greenery.