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Ah Sam Floral Co. offers a unique selection of gifts with your personalized message delivered to your family, friends, or client’s door.

Frequently Asked Questions

What flowers are associated with Christmas?

🎅 Evergreens, amaryllis, poinsettias, and hypericum berries are all a classic part of the Christmas festivities. You can always use your favorite flowers in Christmas colors to create a festive arrangement or add keepsakes like pinecones and shimmering “snow” covered foliage.

What flowers are the best for Christmas?

⛄ The best flowers to give for Christmas are the ones from the heart. Wreaths and centerpieces are always a crowd-pleasing favorite, but the best flowers are always the ones chosen with care.

Who has the best flower delivery service?

🎁 Ah Sam Floral Co. is your local Bay area florist, and we pride ourselves on having the kindest and most committed delivery people. We are your best flower delivery service this holiday season.

What is a popular Christmas plant?

🌲 Poinsettias are the classic Christmas plant. But you can always put a holiday twist on any one of our year-round favorites, like adornments on the orchid or any one of our many flowers in-store.

Which plant is the best to gift?

🤶 Just like flowers, the best plant to give is the one that comes from the heart. Poinsettias and orchids are some of our specialties, but giving a plant that you think the recipient will like is always a smart choice.

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