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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on December 22, 2017 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Flowers

Wonderful Winter Blooms

The idea of winter flowers seems like an oxymoron, but trust us here at Ah Sam Florist, it’s the real deal. Some species not only endure the cold, but bloom in it, as if they’ve been waiting all year to make their frosty debut. But given the fact that many of our favorite cold-weather flowers are cultivated indoors, it’s entirely possible to enjoy a rainbow of buds even when it’s not-so-green outside.

We love a bright palette for winter, something that introduces a lot of color and texture into the home.

The holidays give us a lot of leeway in terms of what we can build into our designs. Luxe fabrics in the form of ribbons and bows often make an appearance, along with all manner of other organic items – Christmasy greens, leaves and berries. We tend to favor lush, abundant arrangements, such as our design Believe.

Something like this can transition from the holiday table to the New Year table and beyond. There’s just enough seasonal detail worked in to feel right at home in December, but this is a lovely piece in its own right, and would not be confused for a typical holiday piece. It’s possible to be both elegant and rustic in winter in our decor, and this is one of those arrangements that definitely achieves both.

Spruce up your home this winter with a lavish display of bright blooms, or make somebody’s day and send some.