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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on February 18, 2020 | Last Updated: February 25, 2020 Flower Gifts Flowers

The Blooming Flowers of Spring

Spring is on the way, and nothing brightens a home or office after the stuffy winter season like the freshest and brightest blooms of springtime. They’ll liven up your space with new energy and add a soft sweetness to the air. Welcome the arrival of spring on March 19th with a vase of lovely, fragrant fresh flowers from Ah Sam, serving San Mateo and Silicon Valley.

Interesting Facts About Spring Flowers

Flowers don’t know it’s spring because they can count days or read a calendar; they sense spring’s arrival based on the length of days. The first day of spring is actually the vernal equinox, the point in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun when the day and night are equal in length. After the vernal equinox, the days in the Northern Hemisphere grow longer until the summer solstice, which marks the first day of summer.

Orange tulips in vase with dark pink roses

Sweet Tart – Tulips and Roses

When Do Spring Flowers Bloom?

Spring flowers grow during spring. This year, spring starts on March 19th and ends with the first day of summer on June 20th.

Depending on the growing zone where you live, spring flowers can start blooming as early as late February in anticipation of spring’s arrival. In Southern California, we enjoy mild winters and temperate springs, which means we’ll start seeing springtime blooms at the very beginning of the season. Some of the earliest spring flowers to bloom are snowdrops, crocus, irises, hyacinth, and pansies.

Others won’t show their full colors until late spring toward the middle or end of June. These late spring bloomers include flowers like lilacs, peonies, roses, daisies, and bluebells.

Our 7 Favorite Spring Flowers

After enduring the drab winter months, nothing seems more refreshing or beautiful than the brilliant colors and lovely fragrances of spring flowers. It’s tough to pick favorites, but these are some of the most popular blooms of the season.


Pink Tulips


1. Tulip

Tulips, with their showy, bulbous blooms, were once so avidly sought-after that they became incredibly valuable and could be used as currency. While you probably can’t trade a tulip bulb for a sandwich today, you can still enjoy their brightly colored blooms that come in nearly endless varieties of colors, variegations, and petal types.

Tulips bouquets and potted tulip plants have become a staple of celebrating spring occasions, like Easter and Mother’s Day, and they’re also loved for their cheerful appearance. Tulips have different symbolic meanings, depending on the color of the bloom. Red tulips symbolize perfect love, pink represents caring, and yellow tulips were once associated with hopeless love, but have taken on the modern meaning of happy thoughts and sunshine.


Pink Azaleas


2. Azalea

Azaleas actually flowering shrubs that bloom in spring, and when they bloom are they truly stunning. They have fluffy, delicate flowers in shades that range from the most vibrant reds and pinks to soft purples and white. Azaleas symbolize softness and femininity. Due to their striking beauty, azaleas are a popular choice of gift either as potted plants or in bouquets.




Pink Peonies


3. Peony

Once unfurled from their thick buds, peonies have thickly ruffled blooms in various shades of pink. They also carry a variety of symbolic meanings, making them a wonderful choice for bridal bouquets, floral arrangement gifts, and decoration in your own home. The peony has been said to symbolize compassion, honor, bashfulness, good fortune and prosperity, a happy marriage, and romance.




white and pink Ranunculus


4. Ranunculus

A gift of showy ranunculus blooms tells the recipient in the Victorian language of flowers that you find them to be charming and attractive. Regardless of meaning, these blooms with seemingly endless ruffles of papery petals are a wonderful choice for just about any springtime bouquet. They have bright and cheerful faces in just about every color of the rainbow.




Yellow Daffodils


5. Daffodil

A quintessential springtime bloom, the daffodil symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth — just like springtime. With their trumpet-shaped, sunny faces in shades of yellow, orange, and white, they make the perfect get-well gift or celebratory bouquet for the new season.




Colorful roses


6. Rose

The rose is a favorite flower all year long, but they’re actually in-season in late spring, which means they’re at their freshest and most beautiful. Each color of rose carries a different symbolic meaning, and they can be used to communicate your specific feelings of affection. For example, red roses are synonymous with romantic love, orange symbolizes passion, pink means gentle affection, lavender represents love at first sight, and yellow stands for friendship.



Yellow and Purple Pansies


7. Pansy

These springtime enthusiasts are among some of the earliest bloomers. They have flat blooms that resemble bright, multi-colored faces, and they come in seemingly endless varieties of color combinations, making them lovely to grow in groups. Pansies represent admiration, but because their name comes from the French verb meaning to think, they’ve also become a symbol of thought and free thinking.



Get Ready to Celebrate Spring

If you’re tired of the winter darkness, we welcome you to brighten your home or office with floral arrangements featuring lovely in-season spring flowers. Join the flower enthusiasts at Ah Sam to celebrate the arrival of spring with a bouquet of fresh tulips, freesia, wildflowers, or other favorite springtime blooms.