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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on July 18, 2017 | Last Updated: June 1, 2018 Back to School

College Dorm Room Decor for Your Student


dorm room decor

It’s that time of year when we start to think about sending our kids back to school. But if we have a child who is going off to college, the transition can be a bit emotional and anxious. One way to help your student to feel more at home is to help them with cozy and comfortable dorm room decor – whether their favorite pillows, a family photo, or a gift from Ah Sam Florist.

One of our favorite ways to warm up a room is with a beautiful green plant. Not only do plants help to keep the air clean and pure, but they also promote a sense of well being and relaxation. This Money Tree is a fun and interesting gift known for positive feng shui and good vibes.

dorm room decorAnother great gift idea for the new college student is a succulent garden – these plants are truly unique and add a distinct beauty to your student’s desk. For an extra special touch, send the plants a few days after you’ve dropped your child off – they will love hearing from you and be excited to receive a gift just as the first twinges of homesickness begin to set in.

dorm room decorOf course, there are other gifts that will let your child know that they are very much on your mind. For instance, our gourmet gift baskets will give them plenty to snack on during late night study sessions and while relaxing after class. Whether you choose fruit, cheese or chocolate, your student will absolutely love receiving these amazing collections. If you have a daughter you are close to, we know she will be thrilled with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Being away from home for the first time is sometimes a little scary, but it is also exciting. Give them the added boost of confidence they need, and surprise them with a gift from Ah Sam Florist.

Please note: Some gifts are local and can only be delivered in the San Mateo area.