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How to Show Your Patriotism this Fourth of July

On the Fourth of July, we wave the American flag to commemorate our nation’s Independence and freedom that was achieved in 1776. In addition to traditional backyard cookouts with neighbors and loved ones, celebrating Independence Day is done in a myriad of ways that allow us to show our patriotism. Here at Ah Sam Floral Co., the top florist in San Mateo, we are talking about some of our favorite ways to celebrate America and honor those who have made our country one of the best.

7 Ways to Show Your Patriotism


Honoring Independence Day with family, neighbors, and friends is sure to look different to everyone. This day is all about celebrating America’s birthday from hanging red, white, and blue decorations and grilling burgers and hotdogs to playing yard games or traveling to the beach. Make memories with loved ones and end the day with a fireworks display to commemorate our freedom and patriotism.

Attend a Patriotic Parade

Bicycles with red, white, and blue streamers flowing in the wind, classic cars full of nostalgia, and floats with people tossing candy to children full the city streets and many neighborhoods across the country to commemorate the Fourth of July. These lively acts of celebration honor the courage and bravery of our veterans and military who helped make the USA the beautiful and free country it is today.

Support a Veteran

A generous and brilliant way to show your patriotism and support is by donating your service, time, and assistance to veterans in your community. Sending a handwritten “thank you” note, symbolic flowers, or gift baskets to those who have served or to your local VA is another honorable way to celebrate Independence Day and other patriotic events.

Fly the Stars and Stripes

When flying and waving our country’s colors, it is critical to remember a few guidelines to ensure you are respecting the American flag and our nation. Always shine a light on the flag if it is flying at night. At the sight of any tatters or tears on the flag, retire the flag with respect. Finally, the American flag should always be the highest one flying on a flagpole.

Visit a National Park or Historic Landmark

History buff or not, you will feel an overwhelming sense of passion and pride as American history reveals itself through national parks, famous monuments, and historical landmarks. These places have shaped our nation and taking a trip to visit them in person is a beautiful way to commemorate America’s birthday.

Shop Local & Buy American

Buying local from community shops and purchasing American-made items is a glorious way to honor Independence Day and our freedom of choice. This seemingly little decision to support a neighbor’s business can cause a great ripple effect and be fuel for the entire country’s economy.

Display Patriotic Blooms

It is no surprise that flowers are one of our favorite ways to commemorate special occasions, especially patriotic holidays. With fun, festive, and bright feelings in the air, red, white, and blue blooms are the perfect addition to set a patriotic tone. Bring along a floral arrangement to Fourth of July parties, place flowers on the graves of soldiers in honor and remembrance, and send bouquets to loved ones and veterans. With an abundance of alluring summer flowers to select, consider a few symbolic ones:

  • Rose – America’s national flower
  • Freesias – these flowy and beautiful blooms symbolize freedom
  • Edelweiss – charming white flowers shaped like stars that signify strength and courage
  • Guernsey Lilies – unique flowers that resemble fireworks and represent freedom and good fortune
  • Black-Eyed Susans – these bright yellow star-burst-like blooms with a striking dark round center symbolize justice.

Taking time out of your busy schedule to observe our country’s history and celebrate America is something you can do every day, not just on July 4th. For patriotic and festive blooms, or flowers for any big occasion, visit Ah Sam Floral Co. or browse our online collection.

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7 ways to celebrate the 4th of July