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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on February 15, 2019 Birthday Flower Gifts Flowers Orchids Tropical Flowers

New Trends In Floral Design

We are seeing new trends in floral design this year and you are going to be delighted at the newest looks making a splash on the creative scene this season. One such trend is called Hear Me Roar. Bright colors with a special emphasis on multiple shades of bold reds and berries, stylish teal and orange, with steady brown and gray undertones, and plenty of hand-crafted texture will make strong statements. Many of these pieces combine a variety of reds or oranges for a layered look that meets the desire for distinctive design. Hear My Roar can be seen in many of the new trends designed at Ah Sam Florist this season.

Tropical and unique, our Kahala is a work of art featuring shades of berry and orange with anthurium, protea, and orchids. Many layers of textured foliage accent this design, including a leaf-wrapped bubble bowl vase. Let the Here Me Roar trend infuse your world with this tropical masterpiece.

Communicate a bold message and send a true statement with our Hear Me Roar designs this season. Stand up and speak out with a daring, fashion-forward floral bouquet that speaks your mind. The designers at Ah Sam Florist are bringing this Hear Me Roar trend to you this season in often tropical, always original looks you’ll love.