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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on November 17, 2017 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Christmas

Inspiring Decor for Your Holiday Office

We love decorating our homes for the holidays, but what about the office? Since we spend so much time at work, it’s great to come together as a team and hang garland, set up the tree and place the poinsettias. Decorating the office with your coworkers gives everyone the chance to take a break from holiday stress and to have a bit of fun. Once your workplace is all dressed for the season, it feels refreshed and becomes a festive place to return to each day. So spread the holiday cheer this year and let Ah Sam Florist help you deck those workplace halls.

This time of year brings so many riches to our store in the form of ornaments, wreaths, textiles and more. We’re steeped in holiday decor, which makes it easy for us to pull together a look for your office, based on your preferences and other considerations. We recommend having a full-scale Christmas tree set up in the workplace entry or other common areas. A tree offers so much impact and cuts down on the amount of decorating you’ll have to go elsewhere to give your office that merry feeling. Don’t be afraid to adorn your tree with unique ornaments – a business’s Christmas tree doesn’t have to be business as usual!

Another way to introduce some festive fun to the workplace is to hang stockings from the front desk or on individual doors. They can be filled with sweet treats or much-needed office supplies.

Make it known that yours is a joyful office from the moment your customers, clients, and coworkers walk through the door. Whether fresh or artificial, a wreath is a welcoming, comforting symbol of the season, not to mention a gorgeous one.

We have so many ideas for decorating here at Ah Sam Florist, where our shelves are full of merry merchandise just waiting to find a home in your holiday office.