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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on October 3, 2017 | Last Updated: November 16, 2020 Halloween

Halloween Decor & Designs

The yard may be strung with cobwebs and ghosts, but your Halloween decor doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom inside the house as well. Halloween’s just as cheerful a holiday as it is a scary one, and its decorations can be both, too. While candles, pumpkins, and skeletons will definitely do the trick, fall’s flowers come in all the same autumnal colors and don’t have to be boxed back up and put away once Halloween night is over. They’re also a wonderful antidote to the plastic spiders and ghouls you’re decorating with already.

Halloween DecorAdd some happy horror to your tricked-out house with some seasonal flowers from Ah Sam Florist. Better still, go for an arrangement that comes topped with its own decoration, and you’ll have something to cheer up the garden for next year’s Halloween and beyond.

With its metal pumpkin popping up from a bed of chrysanthemums, begonias, and kalanchoe, this arrangement welcomes all the trick-or-treaters to the doorstep if you put it outside, while its gracious basket lends a homey, rustic feel if you keep it in. A stake is also included – not for vampires, but for attaching to the pumpkin to use again next year. Put it in a garden instead of a scarecrow, or add it to a future floral arrangement.

Let Ah Sam Florist lighten up your San Mateo Halloween and find yourself with something that will last throughout the harvest season. Halloween decor that can be repurposed or work indoors as well as out gives you more decorating options and brings a different kind of spirit to the home. It won’t scare away the kids, either.