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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on December 15, 2017 Flowers

Modern Nature for 2018

Among International Floral Distributors many floral trend predictions for 2018, one stands out to us here at Ah Sam FloristĀ because it’s something we already do and quite well, if we do say so ourselves. “Incarnation of Earths Element” may be a mouthful, but IFD identities it as a move to organic minimalism, where earthy, rustic elements are blended with geometric shapes. We’re calling it modern nature.

We well understand the appeal of this style; it modernizes a home without overdoing it. It relies on both flowers and plants to make its point, and then blends them with metallic vessels and other contemporary-looking decor items. Arrangements are often linear or pulled off in some other unexpected way, which entices the eye and adds overall interest to the home. Consider the effect of our Avant Garde Orchid Garden.Avant Garde Orchid Garden - Ah Sam Florist

Here it’s almost as if our sleek orchids are growing from the forest floor. We generally think of orchids as being presented in a way that highlights their singularity; in this case, the twisted tangle mimics nature, and the metal container introduces yet another earthy, modern element. This piece manages to be both sculptural and free-form, a major aspect of the modern nature style.

Let us at Ah Sam Florist help you update your home’s florals and plants for the coming new year. It’s like giving your environs a breath of fresh air.