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Ah Sam Floral Co.

Posted by Ah Sam Florist on June 30, 2019 | Last Updated: July 8, 2019 Flower Gifts Plants Succulents

Find Unique Treasures

 As you probably already know, Ah Sam Florist always brings you the most gorgeous bouquets of floral designs and arrangements. Did you know we also carry amazing containers and vases to house those beautiful flowers? Not only that, but our store is rife with beautiful plants and succulents, indoor desktop plants and so much more. We even carry large specimen plants to adorn your porch or larger indoor spaces. Find unique treasures in our showroom and garden center when you discover our collection for yourself. Come on in to check out our wide variety of fresh flower designs, silk flowers, arrangements and floral accents featured throughout our showroom and garden center. Our unique vases and containers make beautiful gifts and can help you create beautiful memories, too!

Unique Flower Shop Treasures

From modern to classic, understated to outstanding, our pots, vases, and other fabulous containers are the perfect accent to any floral arrangement. Find something new to update your own home. Or, choose the perfect complement to the floral bouquet you’ll be sending to a friend or loved one on their next special occasion.


Unique Garden Center Treasures

Think outside of the proverbial flower vase when you search our garden center for indoor desk plants, outdoor blooming plants, succulents, large specimen designs and more. Giving a plant as a gift is a celebration of a relationship that will continue. A meaningful plant given at the right time suggests the implied endurance of your friendship. While you’re here, find a new favorite for your own home, garden, or office.



The wide variety at Ah Sam Florist makes gift-giving so much easier. Not only do we carry beautiful arrangements of cut flowers, silk designs and beautiful accents, but we also pride ourselves on our wide variety of plants, succulents, and large specimen indoor and outdoor plants, to name a few. Take a look at our shop or come in to visit our designers today! Trust the name the greater Silicon Valley has trusted for years. Ah Sam Florist will be happy to help you choose the perfect plan for your perfect setting.