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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on December 12, 2014 Christmas Flowers

Design by Ah Sam Featured Arrangement: White Velvet

The holidays are a time for gifting and adorning your home in ornate, luxurious decor. Traditional decorations in bright green and red are classic; however, a contemporary approach is to go with the minimalist elegance of green and white.

thumbnailWhite Velvet Signature Ah Sam Design for Winter

Pristine white flower petals against deep evergreen branches highlight the best of winter’s personality, but with a more subdued effect. The breathtaking White Velvet is a featured design by Ah Sam for the holiday season with white lilies, roses, and orchids accented with winter greenery and frosted pine cones.

Majorit of the flowers in this chic holiday arrangement are grown locally so that you’re sure to receive them at the peak of freshness. Weekly visits to nurseries by Ah Sam buyers for flowers and foliages are trucked back directly to our flower room to minimize lead time. The result is a vibrant winter flower arrangement for your holiday gathering at the peak of freshness.

From Holiday Parties to Holiday Business Decor

The White Velvet arrangement is the perfect accent for a holiday party foyer, hors d’ oeuvres table, buffet table or dinner centerpiece. It can also make for a great gift when you’re invited to a holiday party with its lovely color palette harmonizing with any décor.

In your home office or your business space, consider welcoming clients with the White Velvet design. Help your staff, clients, and yourself to get into the holiday spirit. Consider accenting your desk at work, your waiting room, hallways or a reception area with this stunning arrangement.

While red and green is a holiday tradition, the more subtle White Velvet design says it all with a classy whisper. Strike the perfect tone for the holidays with this beautiful, understated approach to winter decor by Ah Sam.