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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on November 3, 2015 | Last Updated: September 14, 2020 Fall Flowers

Ah Sam – Dahlias

dahliaThe dahlia is one of the stand out flowers of fall-blooming through the season, and showcasing every color of the spectrum, this bloom is is a favorite go-to flower for florists this time of year. Originally native to Mexico, the dahlia originated as two species blended together. Dahlias were once utilized as food and medicine for the native people, either gathered in the wild or grown in gardens. The Aztecs had various names for the dahlia, generally translated to “water cane”, “waterpipe”, “hollow stem flower” and “cane flower”, all referencing the hollow stem of the plant.


Dahlias are now cultivated in over 2,000 varieties, which exhibit petal blooms from 2 inches to 12 inches. Petals take many forms and shapes and are available in such varied appearances that they can fit into nearly any floral bouquet. The dahlia is never boring. Soft white and blush dahlias are stunning in a bridal bouquet, while bold orange dahlias with wide, broad petals compliment autumn-hued roses and lilies perfectly. Larger varieties of the dahlia hold their own against such lavish blooms as peonies and garden roses, while smaller blossoms are right at home in a daisy wildflower bouquet.


The dahlia signifies the long-lasting commitment and strong bonds, making it a wonderful flower for weddings. But this sentiment can also be conveyed when celebrating anniversaries, engagements, and special occasions involving your true love. Alternatively, the dahlia can also symbolize elegance and dignity, so floral arrangements for the special women in your life can appropriately contain these gorgeous flowers.


Ah Sam of San Mateo offers the dahlia as well as hundreds of other beautiful flowers for every occasion. This fall, whether celebrating the holidays or simply sending your love, call the experts at Ah Sam to choose the perfect floral bouquet to express your sentiments.