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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on September 1, 2015 | Last Updated: September 14, 2020 Birthday Flowers

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asterAsters are perhaps the most prolific of the wildflowers, with more than 600 different known species of this quintessential fall bloom. Strikingly similar to the daisy, asters are grown in Europe, Asia, and South America, as well as in North America; although the varieties which naturally grow in the United States are limited to just a few. The aster’s over-sized flower is unique and a bit misleading. Its head (or disk) is comprised of many smaller tubular flowers, even though the aesthetic effect from a few feet back is a singular blossom.

The aster’s name is derived from its celestial appearance; although it’s many varieties can look very different, the most popular versions of the flower have vibrantly colored petals radiating from the center disk. This physical structure prompted the name “aster” , a form of the Greek word for “star”; and in fact, the aster is often more commonly known as star-flower. The ancient Greeks also further contributed to the legend of this flower. A popular myth attributes the flower’s shape to the tears shed from the goddess Virgo, which turned to stardust as they fell to earth and turned into asters.


Due to the sheer number of aster varieties, you can find asters in virtually every color. While whites, pinks, and lavenders are popular; the autumnal aster is often seen in rich shades of orange, red, yellow, and deep purple. The center disk is often yellow, a sure identifying mark of the aster family. Because the flowers have grown wild for millennia, they make a fitting and lovely addition to any wildflower bouquet.

The aster is the birth flower of September, making now a perfect time to send a bouquet of these storied and beautiful flowers. Whether mixed in with lilies and hydrangea, or in an arrangement all their own, the aster is a popular choice for fall and the perfect choice for your September birthday celebrants! Whether delivering in San Mateo or across the country, call Ah Sam today to discuss how we can incorporate this most radiant of flowers into a stunning fall floral bouquet.