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5 Ways To Prepare For College Life

Gifts For College Freshmen

Leaving for college is an exciting time in a student’s life. Growing up, living away from home and generally testing the waters is a wonderful experience. Being prepared for dorm life can be a challenge though. What do you bring? What should stay at home? That’s why the designers at Ah Sam Florist have put together a list of items you may not have thought of, but your college student will be so glad they have. 

Send Your Care with Plants & Gifts

No matter how independent your co-ed is, they still need to know they’re missed, loved and encouraged. Send a sweet message to communicate all of this with flowers, a long lasting plant or succulents. Easy and beautiful, students will be glad to know you’re supporting them every step of the way.

bright yellow and orange bouquet of flowers


Our Blossoms of Joy design can be delivered on the first day of class to celebrate the kick-off of the fall semester. This cheerful piece features bright yellow gerbera daisies, orange and yellow roses, lush hydrangea and seeded eucalyptus for a fresh, colorful display. Presented in a compact glass container, this piece makes a great desk or nightstand arrangement and won’t take up a lot of precious space.


Succulent terrarium on wooden table


Add some greenery to their dorm room with succulents like our Succulent Mojo Terrarium. This collection of unique succulents in a variety of textures and colors in a glass container will add the right mojo to your student’s day. Easy to care for and long-lasting, these plants are great for even the busiest student.


Beautiful pink bouquet - Stargazers - bubble bowl


Send Visions of Pink to brighten their day and soften the ambience in their dorm room. Bold stargazer lilies, pink roses, spray roses, and Gerber daisies are accented with white hydrangea in a clear glass bubble bowl for a clear, fresh look. 



Money Tree - Small Gift Tree


Add air-freshening leafiness to your student’s space with our Mini Money Tree. This easy-to-grow plant that only needs indirect sunlight will give off positive vibes while attracting prosperity for its owner. Often used in feng shui, this plant is a perfect design for a small space that needs some natural color. 

Need More Ideas?

A good comforter. A cozy bed, with warm sheets, a soft pillow and a fluffy comforter, will create a home away from home for your student. Send their own sheets from home for a reminder of home, or let them choose something new for a fresh start. 

A good coffeemaker. Instead of shelling out several dollars every day for a gourmet latte, show students how much more cost-effective it will be to have their own coffee pot where they can use it anytime. 

A good bike. Parking on many college campuses can be difficult, or downright expensive. Biking to class is a great way to get some exercise and save your student gas money for longer trips home.

A good laundry system. Students in dorms or apartments are likely to be using community laundry facilities, so a bag or basket for carrying laundry, some great dryer balls to get clothes fresh and soft, and hangers for the closet will be a huge help. 

Your student is embarking on a memorable season of life. Send them off with the essentials and even a few non-essentials and show you care. For more great ideas about college gifts and treats, talk to the floral designers at Ah Sam Florist. We will be happy to help you choose the perfect design for your student’s successful year at college.