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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on November 15, 2019 | Last Updated: November 20, 2019 Fall Flower Gifts Flowers

5 Flowers We Are Thankful For

At this time of year, we are all reminded of the many things for which we can be thankful. Have you ever thought about how flowers enrich our lives? Research shows that the flowers we select to display in our homes add a bit of our personality to our home décor. At Ah Sam Florist, we are happy to share a few of our favorite flowers, explain what each means, and see which blooms will become your favorites, too.

Some of our favorite flowers are also some of the most popular flowers across the U.S. Here’s our list of favorite flowers that we love working with.

Golden Sunflowers

With their bright yellow petals that often remind us of sunshine, these flowers, with contrasting centers, make a pleasing addition to almost any arrangement! Our Spiced Wine bouquet includes sunflowers to bring happiness and cheer into your home. Just like the people who admire these blooms, sunflowers tell the world that you are an enthusiastic and optimistic person who enjoys life. Place them throughout your home for a positive energy boost!

yellow sunflowers orange roses dark pink roses and greens

Spiced Wine Bouquet


These exotic flowers bring a touch of mystery to your home. Displayed as a single flower or grouped with others for an exquisite centerpiece, Orchids from many countries are a favorite flower of ours. Our Autumn Rhapsody arrangement prominently displays the orchid in all her glory. Loved for their understated beauty and grace, orchids can be used in any season. Often chosen as a national flower to represent countries such as Brazil, Costa Rica, and Indonesia, it is not surprising that many people would choose orchids as their favorite flowers too.

orange roses with fall accents

Autumn Rhapsody Bouquet


Classic lilies come in many varieties and always add elegance and dignity. Lilies often represent kindness and compassion. Traditionally used in more formal settings such as wedding bouquets and funeral arrangements, lilies promote a sign of respect. The day lily is perfect for showcasing in displays such as our Savor the Moment bouquet. Surrounded by foliage and rich textures, this bouquet will bring a touch of autumn to your home. Other varieties of lilies that we use include the stargazer lily and calla lilies. 

orange roses and white lilies and assorted fall colored florals

Savor the Moment Bouquet


Available in so many varieties and colors, roses are romantic flowers. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy while white roses are symbolic of innocence and purity and red roses of love and beauty. With their classic fragrance and abundance, we love using roses in our bouquets. In our Sunset Meadow display, bright orange tipped roses with other fall flowers housed in a wooden container represent the glow of a beautiful autumn sunset. With so many hues to choose from, the rose is sure to be one of your favorite flowers too.

sunflower with orange roses and dark and light green accents

Sunset Meadow Bouquet


An ancient flower, the Protea got its name from the ancient Greek sea god, Proteus, son of Poseidon. Proteus was said to have the power to change his shape anytime he wanted to. The Protea comes in such a great number of shapes and sizes, that it seems a fitting name for the flower. Our Bloom Box bouquet features gorgeous orange protea along with multi-textural elements that comprise an abundant feast for the eyes. 

orange pincushion protea and orange and yellow roses with green accents

Bloom Box Bouquet

Choosing favorite flowers can seem like a difficult task with so many lovely blooms out there. Understanding what each flower represents can help you add a sense of your own personality by including your favorite blooms to display in your home. You can also send personal bouquets to friends and family that include their favorite flowers. At Ah Sam Florist, we are excited to share our favorite flowers with you and hope that you will find some new favorites too.