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There’s so much to love about fall! The rich, deep colors, cooler weather, Halloween decorations, and spiced pumpkin drinks… the season of fall is a wonderful respite between the hot, humid summer and bitterly cold winter. The colors, aromas, and textures of fall are complex and comforting, from plaid throws to red berries, firewood logs to blooming dahlias, and colorful dry leaves to straw scarecrows. Enjoy all that fall has to offer, including decorating tips, fall flower arrangements, and fall gifts by diving into Ah Sam Floral Co.’s array of wonderful fall blogs below.

Autumn’s Arresting Textures

This fall, bring a harvest-fresh feel to your home by decorating with gorgeous fall colors and textures. Use natural elements like pinecones, miniature pumpkins, and crisp fall leaves or branches to add depth and texture to any room in your home.

Halloween Décor & Designs

The yard may be strung with cobwebs and ghosts, but your Halloween decor doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom inside the house as well. Halloween’s just as cheerful a holiday as it is a scary one, and its decorations can be both, too.

Floral Designs for the Autumn Season

In his work called Indian Summer, poet William Cullen Bryant wrote, “autumn is the year’s last, loveliest smile.” He was no doubt inspired by the brilliant changing foliage and the cooler air. Fall floral designs and color palettes are inspiring muses for all of the season’s prettiest home decor.

Halloween Design, Seasonal Décor

Halloween is steeped in tradition. Even though the holiday is only about 100 years old, its origins reach all the way back to ancient civilizations. Halloween arose out of two fall events – the observance of All Hallows Eve and the annual primitive celebrations of gratitude for an abundant harvest.

Fun Halloween Gifts

It’s nearly Halloween, and the ghost, goblins, and witches are preparing for a rollicking good time! Celebrated on October 31, Halloween has its roots in ancient Celtic reaping festivals; when harvests were coming in and rituals were put in place to protect the crops from any evil spirits.

Fall Color in Fall Blooms

Fall is the season to celebrate cooler weather, watch leaves changing on the trees, and gaze at the amazing colors particular to this season. Fall brings beautiful, unique flowers, too. There is a wide array of amazing blooms that show up during the fall season.

Make a Gorgeous Fall Table with Flowers

As we settle into fall, we begin to think about entertaining through the season. How you decorate your formal table says a lot about your style and creative energy. Let the floral experts at Ah Sam Florist share some tips and advice that will make your table look amazing this fall.

Hallowed Flowers for Fall

Just because Halloween is approaching, there’s no reason to let your artistic decorating style slide into anything less than stunning. Use fall colors, festive lights, and bright floral arrangements with Halloween themes to make the most of this holiday in your decor.

A New Idea for Fall Entertaining

Before the fall weather sets in and temperatures drop, indulge in some garden entertaining. A brunch with friends is always a welcomed treat. The designers at Ah Sam Flowers have some wonderful ideas for creatively infusing edible flowers into your menu!

Falling for Mums

Is there any greater tribute to Autumn’s beauty than the lovely chrysanthemum? We call it “mum” for short, and at Ah Sam we’ve put it in several arrangements, surrounded by the season’s other complimentary blooms in a palette of colors that make us think of cool nights spent gathered around the dinner table or the fire.

Fall Floral Designs with Creative Flair

Fall floral designs exhibit all of the excitement, warmth, and beauty of the season. From vibrant colors to earthy elements and whimsical containers, these arrangements are quintessential autumn! The team at Ah Sam Florist has been hard at work designing creative and unique florals perfect for this time of year. What is your fall floral style?

Seasonal Fall Flowers – Unique Designs

While we don’t have the traditional autumn weather that many parts of the country experience, we can still anticipate the next season with excitement – fall festivals, fun holidays, and new opportunities abound in the fall, and our beautiful weather is just an added bonus. The equal beauty of the seasonal fall flowers is on display at Ah Sam Florist.

Fall Flowers at Ah Sam

We love the fall in San Mateo. Our annual “Indian Summer” is upon us, with truly spectacular weather and a perfect climate. While much of the country is descending into colder temperatures, we experience warm and sunny days combined with clear, mild evenings and starry skies. Even the fog clears at this time of year, revealing gorgeous vistas.

Using Hypericum in Your Fall Floral Arrangement

A flower with an interesting reputation, hypericum provides intricate beauty in a floral arrangement. Seeking a way to create an even more spectacular hypericum, horticulturalists have developed some amazing hybrids with gorgeously large and showy flowers, as well as the beautiful clusters of berries often used in arrangements.