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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on October 20, 2015 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Halloween

Fun Halloween Gifts

It’s nearly Halloween, and the ghost, goblins, and witches are preparing for a rollicking good time! Celebrated on October 31, Halloween has its roots in ancient Celtic reaping festivals; when harvests were coming in and rituals were put in place to protect the crops from any evil spirits. Bonfires were often lit to attract insects away from the crops. As bats followed the insects, they were included in the tradition long after the bonfires became a place to simply roast s’mores.


These days, Halloween is known mostly for trick or treating; for youngsters dressing up in fun costumes and traipsing through their neighborhoods hoping for a bagful of candy and treats. The holiday is considered so traditionally fun and nostalgic, that many people continue the celebration well into adulthood. Themed costume parties, haunted houses, and creepy decorations are the fodder for contests, workplace décor, and weekend get-togethers.

Ah Sam Florists gets in on the fun with awesomely ghoulish Halloween decorations for your home or party. Black streaked flowers and ribbons, faux candy, masks, and wisps of ghostly twigs, accents, and “spiderwebs” are sure to set the stage for your gathering. Deep purple blooms, dramatic spires of fall colors, and dark accents will give any home or office a dramatic eerie flair and are sure to be a conversation piece throughout the season. Don’t forget – arrangements come in unique vases and containers that can be utilized for less-creepy purposes throughout the year.

We are also featuring a line of whimsical handcrafted fabric sculptures from Gathered Traditions by Joe Spencer.

Of course, if your idea of the holiday is a little more lighthearted, Ah Sam is happy to assemble a floral arrangement just for you, with yellow and orange flowers, a few wisps and a spider or two. Whatever your idea of Halloween celebration, Ah Sam of San Mateo is an unexpected but creative place to find your party décor. Whether your guests are scary or adorably cute – your home will look fabulously festive.