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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on January 25, 2021 | Last Updated: February 1, 2021 Flower Gifts Flowers Love and Romance Roses Valentine's Day


This Valentine’s Day won’t be filled with surprise dinner dates, trips to a romantic movie, or outings to your favorite wineries. It will, however, still be filled with all the love and joy you can imagine. While you’re starting to plan your at-home-date with your sweetheart, or looking forward to a self-love day, your friends at Ah Sam, San Mateo’s and Silicon Valley’s top flower shop have a few ideas. Make this year one for the books with romantic plans and unique activities you can enjoy right from home. 

Seven Ideas For a Fun Date-Night-In

Bucket List with coffee and red pen

Write Your Bucket List

Get excited about the future together as you craft a couple’s bucket list. Fill up your list with fantastic adventures, places to explore, or random ideas you think would be amazing to do with your partner. Spice it up with some easily achievable plans so you can start checking off the boxes sooner than later.

Hot Drinks Outside

Enjoy Hot Drinks Outside

Get some fresh air while you stay home this Valentine’s Day. Pour two cups of hot tea, coffee, or cocoa, grab a blanket to share, and keep each other warm while you sit outside under the stars or watch the sunset. It’ll be a romantic end to the day or a perfect start to your evening ahead.

Loving letter, red envelope, purple, white, and red hearts

Write Yourself a Loving Letter

Enjoy some self-care and write a loving letter to yourself. Put yourself in the shoes of your best friend, or pretend you’re writing this note to them. Let yourself know what an amazing person you are, congratulate yourself on recent accomplishments, or simply remind the person in the mirror how lovely and beautiful they are.

Blushing pink roses will make your love do the same. Our roses are accented with lovely green foliage in a glass vase will make anyone’s heart melt. Foliage and vase may vary depending on availability.

Send Some Flowers

Share the love this Valentine’s Day with enchanting flowers, like ourLuxurious Pink Roses.” Not only can you coordinate a special delivery for your number one gal or guy, but send uplifting blooms to family, friends, neighbors, and anyone else who might need a little pick-me-up. Show yourself some love and appreciation, too with your favorite flowers.

Romantic wine and chocolates

Have a Wine and Chocolate Tasting

A dreamy way to enjoy your chocolates and wines together as a couple is with an at-home tasting. You’ll need a few bottles of your most-loved wines and some boxes of the best chocolates. If you’re not a pairing expert, you’ll have fun with your Valentine mixing and matching different chocolates with various wines to create delicious combinations. If you’re already a wine and chocolate connoisseur, you’ll still enjoy this romantic afternoon at home with delectable treats and your sweetheart. 

Old Hollywood black and white film

Host a Romantic Movie Marathon

Get cozy with your Valentine as you sit back and enjoy a romantic movie marathon. Pick your favorite classics to help sweeten the mood and feel the love. Might we suggest “The Princess Bride,” “The Proposal,” or “Valentine’s Day?” Dim the lights, grab the popcorn, pour two glasses of wine, find your tissues, and get ready for a romantic day. 

Dancing in the living room

Learn to Dance

“Dancing With The Stars” fans will enjoy getting a taste of the romantic language of ballroom dancing. Find a tutorial online, or create your own routine to a favorite dreamy tune. Dance the night away hand-in-hand as you learn something new and fall in love on the dance floor all over again.

Spending time at home just might be the cozy Valentine’s Day you need. Whether you share it with your partner, spread some kindness, or admire gorgeous flowers from Ah Sam in peace, enjoy your day of love in a way that makes you smile.