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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on December 16, 2019 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Plants Succulents

Winter Plants We Love All Season

Winter’s cold weather is here, bringing with it frosts that can put an end to summer and fall blooms. However, just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean you have to wait until spring to enjoy beautiful flowers. The bright colors and soft textures of spring and summer flowers are behind us for now, but there is still so much to be enjoyed about plants that thrive and even bloom in the winter. From lush green plants that can be formed into topiaries to bright colorful blooms hardy enough to sustain in winter temperatures, your world can be full of plant life and colorful blooms if you know where to look. The floral experts at Ah Sam Florist want to show you what flowers and plants to include in your home that will thrive all season long.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

This indoor plant makes a great gift because it’s easy to care for and can thrive in moderate indoor conditions. Grow in loose soil that stays moist but not soggy and watch for colorful blooms to explode at the tips regularly when placed in a sunny spot. The red blooms on our Christmas Cactus, Zygocactus are a festive touch for the holidays!

Anthurium Plant


Another great indoor winter plant, Anthurium plants thrive all year long, needing indirect sunlight and warm, humid conditions. So, using this colorful plant as bathroom decor is a great fit. Water only when soil begins to feel dry and enjoy the bright, tropical blooms all winter. Our Anthurium Plant arrives blooming and ready to thrive.

cypress topiary tree with LED microlights, holiday ornaments, natural winter elements of pine cones, bird nest, mossy branch designed in a metal Santa mug


This hardy evergreen is known for its resilience in winter, making a perfect plant to include in a winter garden. It will look beautiful covered in snow, and provides ample shade and sound barriers in warmer months. Our Ho! Ho! Santa’s Choice Garden includes a Cypress topiary that can be enjoyed for the holidays and beyond.

Poinsettia Plant - Red


These holiday favorites are actually a tropical plant, so they do well indoors in the winter in moderate temperatures. They love sunlight, but if kept too close to a drafty window the leaves might discolor or even drop off from the cold. Keep plant soil moist but not flooded and your poinsettia will thrive throughout the winter months.

Amaryllis Plant with Red Blooms


The big, bold blooms of an amaryllis can cheer any room in the winter months. With occasional watering when needed and repotting with plant food as cooler weather sets in, your amaryllis will thrive year-round, blooming over and over. Keep indoors near a sunny window to enjoy colorful blooms all season.

There is so much plant life to enjoy in the winter if you know where to find it. Give plants as gifts or fill your own home with bright colors and plants that need little care. Enjoy the blooms they produce even when the rest of the world is cold and frosty. For more information about great winter plants and flowers, talk to the professionals at Ah Sam Florist. We’re happy to help you select the perfect blooming winter plants this season.