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Posted by ahsamgf on January 29, 2018 | Last Updated: December 22, 2020 Flowers Roses Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Is Upon Us

Yes, Valentine’s Day is upon us, and it’s time to do a little forward-thinking. Specifically, about what you’re going to give that special someone, or someones, or even yourself. Three weeks is the perfect amount of lead time to figure out who’s getting what – will it be a sweet bouquet for your daughter? A crimson blooming plant for your mom? A vase of stemmy red roses for sweetheart? We here at Ah Sam Flowers have it all, and we’ve got plenty of ideas for you, too. Interested in a custom design? Tune in to next week’s blog, when we’ll be featuring Designer’s Choice.

Despite what you may think, there’s a lot of variety in Valentine’s Day arrangements. Sure, we have the standard-issue long-stemmed red roses, a classic choice. But we also have mixed-flower pieces, some with roses, some without. We love a fresh take on the romantic rose bouquet such as our Make My Heart Sing.


Pink and red roses are tucked in with greens and complimentary buds in a tight little design. This feels light and sweet but also effectively communicates a sense of passion, love, and romance. This isn’t showy, but it’s also not a modest gesture, either. Instead, it’s somewhere in between, the perfect piece to deliver to someone you cherish. Let us at Ah Sam Flowers help you find the perfect arrangement for Valentine’s Day this year.