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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on January 10, 2017 | Last Updated: December 22, 2020 Flowers Roses Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Love Story

Valentine's Day

Love is an adventure filled with romantic stories.  Valentine’s Day celebrates love from the newest admiration of a first date to the romance of many years together each uniquely special.  At Ah Sam Florist we’ve designed and delivered floral bouquets over the years for thousands of unique love stories conveying the sentiments of the heart every day and on Valentine’s Day.

A Valentine’s Day first date may carry too much expectation, but it may be the perfect start to a new relationship.  Just imagine – if you end up together, you have a great story to tell!


“Our first date was on Valentine’s Day, and I was pretty nervous but he showed up with beautiful fresh cut tulips
and made me feel comfortable – red roses and a teddy bear would have been a bit much”.

If you are newly together, choose brightly colored tulips to express how great you think they are, without layering on any expectations. If you just can’t imagine Valentine’s Day without roses, opt for bright pink, orange, or lavender blooms. If you love showering your sweetheart with gorgeous flowers but prefer to think a bit out of the box, browse our Valentine’s Day collection, which includes beautiful orchids, lilies, and more.

Valentine's DayFor the Valentine’s Day purist, nothing but red roses will do. And you won’t find more elegant long-stemmed beauties anywhere in San Mateo and the surrounding Bay Area than right here. Whether you choose a classic bouquet or a more modern interpretation, there is no mistaking the message of true love and passion that these romantic flowers deliver.

Valentine's Day
“On our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, he gave me a dozen red roses. Every year since then he has added a rose to the bouquet. He tells me it represents that his love keeps growing. I can’t wait to receive my armload of roses every Valentine’s Day, which has gotten quite impressive!”



Yes, there are a million stories on Valentine’s Day, and we are privileged to play a small part in many of them.  Even Pablo Picasso knew, “Love is the greatest refreshment in life.”  This year, send your love in a gorgeous way, with a classic or contemporary floral design from Ah Sam Florist.  Call us to create the perfect floral gift for your sweetheart.  Chances are, they will love you for it.

Be Sure to Order Early – Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday in 2017. If you want the best selection and guarantee delivery order early for your flowers from the heart.