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Ah Sam Floral Co.

Posted by Ah Sam Florist on July 16, 2018 Flowers

Refresh Yourself With Flowers And Music

Ah Sam Flowers has two ways to give yourself a summer refresh. First, turn to a container full of gorgeous accent flowers to both perk up your place and give the eye a rest. Next, cue up the music.

What’s summer without both flowers and music? And why not marry the two? We’ve got an essential playlist you can keep on the rotation all summer long, and the best part is, our track picks are all inspired by flowers.

First, the flowers. Choose something in a serene palette, where no one bud is clamoring for all of the attention. Instead, go for a design that contributes a lot of texture. Leaf wrapped containers hoisting both crisp and creamy white and pale pink blooms is like a breath of fresh air, as our White Linen design demonstrates. Feel calmer already?

Keep the mood going by popping in those earbuds or having Alexa turn up a couple of floral-centric songs. We love Jeff Buckley’s 1994 version of Nina Simone’s Lilac Wine for its undeniably romantic vibe. For something a little bit more upbeat, throw on Tom Petty’s sweet ode to a girl so special she belongs among the Wildflowers.  And if you don’t love Seal’s 1991 ballad Kiss From A Rose, prepare to fall in love. This powerful song will have you swaying with your sweetie under the moonlight.