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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on August 31, 2018 Flowers

Preserving The Moment Through Flowers

Once the dance floor is cleared, the chairs are stacked and the happy couple are sent on their way, there are only a few sentimental tokens left over from a wedding. One beautiful way to preserve your son’s or daughter’s wedding day is by bringing home a centerpiece from the reception. Ah Sam Florist suggests preserving the flowers for the happy couple to keep once they return from their honeymoon.

A gorgeous centerpiece you’ll love to keep as long as possible is our Vision in Pink. This delicate glass bubble bowl is filled with pink stargazer lilies, carnations, Gerbera daisies and hydrangea entwined effortlessly amidst beautiful greens for a lovely effect. Bring the beauty home with you and remember a perfect day with this delightful arrangement.Vision in Pink by Ah Sam: Bay Area FloristMarking the memory of a wedding day can be done with small mementos from that special event. Floral arrangements, candles, ribbons or other special materials used for decorating can all remind the couple and their parents of the happy occasion. The floral experts at Ah Sam Florist have plenty of tips and advice about drying and preserving flowers. Talk to us soon about the best methods for keeping flowers gorgeous! But for now, just enjoy reliving such a magical time with loved ones.

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