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Not Just Another Houseplant: A Piece of Art for Your Home

Following the large increase in home renovating and decor revamping, many people have also adopted a new title as “plant parent.” While living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, outside spaces, and more are being filled with these amazing and luscious flowers, greenery, and succulents, some of these plant designs go beyond the ordinary and evolve into creative works of art. Your friends here at Ah Sam, the premier florist and greenhouse in San Mateo and Silicon Valley, are exploring many creative ideas and design elements to think about as you begin viewing not-so-ordinary houseplants as art for your home.

How to Create Art from Houseplants


A textual collection of succulents and natural elements designed in a contemporary boat-shaped container. The variety of color and textures is a perfect selection for a home or office.

Succulent Garden from Ah Sam

Simplicity Enlarged

Some of the most beautiful succulent gardens are often overlooked or underappreciated due to their size. Bringing home a larger dish garden or plantscape can create a grand statement piece for your home. With over two feet of elegance to marvel over and admire, this certainly cannot be mistaken for anything other than a piece of art.

A beautiful statement to celebrate life with miniature orchids and various succulents designed in a wooden vessel. Our designers will select the best orchids and succulents available for the loveliest presentation.

Ciao! Orchid & Succulent Garden from Ah Sam

Plants that Work Together

As with any art form, finding the perfect pairings of houseplants lets them work in tandem to create levels, complement colors, and add artistic dimension inside a single container. Selecting plants like tall purple orchids to grow next to green and purple succulents ensures your eye is met with wonder and brilliance on every level.

Six jute twine macrame plant hangers are hanging from a driftwood branch. Some of them have wooden rings used as decor to add character to the crafts. A nice variety of plants and pots are used.

Example of Hanging Houseplants

The “Gallery Wall”

After you bring home your new plants, no matter what they are, finding the perfect location to display them is also a part of creating artwork with houseplants. Like any art gallery, where paintings are perfectly positioned on each wall in a way that enhances one another, your home is now a blank canvas ready to be adorned with greens, blooming plants, and even handmade pots or hanging baskets. Arrange your plants so they work together to create one large, magnificent work of art.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, is showered in succulents. Beautifully designed in a cement container, it makes a perfect gift for an indoor or outdoor side table.

Aphrodite’s Succulent Garden from Ah Sam

Creative Containers

Sometimes we fall in love with a unique vase, creative vessel, or handmade pot before we even know what kind of plant we want to bring home. The main focal point for this artwork now lies in the very container holding your plant. Whether you have a cluster of bright clay pots neatly arranged on a shelf or a single elegant statement piece waiting to greet visitors as they arrive at your home, we love it all.

The Botanical Garden blends the shades and textures of emerald and kelly green plants, with a blooming anthurium in the grand size, featured a metal vessel for a classic look with a contemporary touch. This exquisite design looks great in entryways, tables and consoles.

Botanical Garden from Ah Sam

Monochromatic Greens

When we think of turning houseplants into art, many times our minds begin thinking of unique plant colors, interesting patterns on leaves, or eye-catching shapes of petals. However, as the modern monochromatic trend has taught us, less can always be more. A smooth metallic pot filled with lush and luxurious greens of all sorts can be the perfect piece of art to complement your living room, bedroom, or even bathroom or even give as a gift.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and filling your home with fresh, vibrant plants to create a more lively and welcoming home can be done any way your heart desires. Let the green and flowering plants here at Ah Sam inspire you and spark some creativity. As you browse our collection, our team of experts with an eye for design is happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.