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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on August 11, 2015 Flowers

National Friendship Week

friendship weekOur lives are busy. Sometimes without even realizing it, our relationships with friends take a back seat to everyday obligations and activities. Near or far, it can be difficult to stay in touch, but National Friendship Week is here to help. Celebrated during the third week of August, the holiday gives you the perfect excuse to honor the cherished friends in your life.

friendship week

Summer Soiree

There are many ways we can express our love and affection for our special friends. If you need some inspiration, look no further than a traditional handwritten note. In this age of electronic communication, there is no denying the magic of a personal message delivered straight to a mailbox. For an even more sentimental effect, enclose a photo of a fun memory or special event to let your friend know how much their friendship has meant to you – and still does. And because time is such a commodity, it makes a rare gift. Set aside a date and follow through – even a cup of coffee can make all the difference. In renewing that connection with your best buddies.

Ah Sam Flowers has many thoughtful arrangements to celebrate Friendship Week. Whether the sentiment is bright, whimsical or elegant, our flowers will deliver a smile. For your fun-loving friends, our Summer Soiree bouquet combines striking blooms in various colors sure to make an impression; while your more serious and elegant friends will fall in love with Modern Fluidity, a stunning display of lilies and orchids with a modern twist.

friendship week

Modern Fluidity

National Friendship Week is nearly here. Take some time to consider the friendships in your life; then think about ways to let them know how precious their friendship is to you. Ah Sam of San Mateo is here to help you celebrate each and every one of them. Browse our website or come in today to choose the perfect floral bouquet. Friendships are too special to take for granted, and with the help of Ah Sam Florists – you can make sure they aren’t!

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