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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on April 28, 2016 Mother's Day

Mother’s Day at Ah Sam Flowers

Mother's DayPeople have been honoring their mothers for as far back as the Greek and Roman cultures, but our modern day Mother’s Day probably has nothing to do with those ancient cultures. An old Christian tradition held that “Mothering Sunday” took place on the last weekend of Lent. Originally it was a day for people to return to their “mother church”, and as time went on, people began to give their mothers flowers and small gifts on the same day. But until 1908 – and due to the efforts of Anna Jarvis – Mother’s Day as we know it here in America didn’t exist.

Mother's DayLater in her life, Anna Jarvis regretted her efforts as she felt that the holiday had gotten too commercial and no longer reflected true heartfelt sentiments. However, even though we may now offer more extravagant gifts than she had in mind, the heart behind Mother’s Day remains the same. For the many things that our moms have done for us, we love to honor them on this day.

Mother's DayMother’s Day is the second Sunday in May and is an opportune time to send Mom flowers with deep meaning. Pink roses represent love and appreciation; orchids signify beauty and thoughtfulness, and a white chrysanthemum denotes loyalty and devotion. Creating bouquets of flowers with symbolic meanings is a lovely way to tell your mother how you feel; add a card explaining why you chose each flower for a special touch.

Mother's DayFor all the things that your Mother has done for you; for the gestures grand and small – consider a gift of gorgeous fresh cut flowers to be delivered for Mother’s Day from Ah Sam Flowers. Place your order soon to assure your favorite blooms and arrangements are still available.

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