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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on June 2, 2016 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Flowers Summer

Make Your Space Tropical with Exotic Flowers

exotic flowersThe terms “tropical” or “sub-tropical” are usually employed in a general sense regarding a climate that is warm or hot year-round, has abundant rainfall during a rainy season and exhibits lush vegetation. The rainy season would be considered a month – or months strung together – then have an average rainfall of over 2.5 inches. Some tropical and sub-tropical climates see a marked decrease in the rain during their hottest season, and some see rain only in the late afternoon or evening during the hottest months. Tropical rain forests, however, see rainfall throughout the year, making the flora and vegetation exceptionally lush and luxurious in these areas. However, dry desert climes are also often classified as tropical, making these types of ecosystems exceptionally bio-diverse.

Tropical flowers are popular in their uniqueness, as well as in their beauty. The brilliant reds and oranges, often in exotic shapes and uncommon configurations, evoke feelings of breathtaking scenery, lazy island vacations, and gorgeous beaches. Maybe that is why we love having these stunning flowers in and around our homes. Although many tropical flowers can be cultivated outside of their native land, in other parts of the world – cooler and arctic regions, or example – the flowers are more often referred to as exotic flowers.

exotic flowers exotic flowers

Some of the most popular tropical flowers here at Ah Sam include bromeliads, which make excellent potted plants on lanais, in sun rooms, and on patios. Anthuriums are also a popular choice; and although their name might not seem familiar, the most common variety, which exhibits a large red flower, certainly is recognizable. Of course, orchids remain the king of the tropical exotics when it comes to floral arranging; their spectrum or colors and remarkable shapes and species are coveted for their beauty.

This summer, transform your home into a tropical rain forest with these beautiful flowers. All the inspiration you need is at Ah Sam Florist of San Mateo.