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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on November 3, 2017 | Last Updated: January 2, 2020 Flowers

Gifts of Flowers for the Host

Think we’re post-Emily Post? Think again. It’s still very much considered polite to offer a host or hostess a vase of fresh blooms in thanks for their courtesy. There’s some debate about whether or gifts of flowers should arrive with you or be sent afterward, with an accompanying note. We at Ah Sam Florist feel that’s up to you to decide, but make no mistake – thanking your host with flowers is never out of style. In fact, it’s a ritual we’d like to see revived a bit more than it actually is, as so many designs lend themselves to making a treasured gift that anyone would love to receive.

In thanking your host through flowers whether in advance or after they’ve invited you into their home, keep in mind that it’s up to them as to where and how to display the bouquet. Your only task is to pick something graceful, lovely to look at and, if possible, seasonally-appropriate. We think ourĀ Blossoms of Joy is just the thing.


This piece could be displayed on a tabletop, on a credenza or even in the kitchen. It feels both formal and informal, with a variety of blooms giving it a rich, textured appeal. The color scheme is vibrant and yet won’t compete with other decors in the home, while the roses will scent the air beautifully.

Look for an arrangement in a vase, which is in keeping with the tradition of offering a host flowers in thanks. You want the piece ready to place, requiring no effort on the part of the recipient but to enjoy them.