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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on March 16, 2015 St. Patrick St. Patrick's Day

Favorite Greens and Blooms for St. Patrick’s Day


If you’re shopping for St. Patrick’s Day gifts, you’re probably wondering which gifts are the most meaningful. To choose the right gift, it helps to understand a little bit about the history and traditions surrounding this holiday. At Ah Sam, we’re happy to show you everything you need to know about St. Patrick’s Day gift giving!

 How St. Patrick’s Day Started

 St. Patrick’s Day is based on Ireland’s patron saint, Patrick. According to Irish lore, Patrick was born in Britain, and at the age of 16, he was captured, and sold into slavery in Ireland, where he converted to Christianity. After six years as a slave, Patrick escaped from his captors, went home to Britain and became a priest.

 In later years, Patrick returned to Ireland so that he could bring Christianity to the Irish. St. Patrick died on March 17, and by the 7th century, he had become a legend. As time went on, he was officially recognized as a saint, and the date of his death became an Irish holiday.

Refined Elegance

Refined Elegance


St. Patrick’s Day Traditions

 Two of the most recognizable St. Patrick’s Day traditions include shamrocks and the “wearing of the green.” Shamrocks are symbolic because legends say that St. Patrick used them to explain the Holy Trinity to the people of Ireland.

 The color green is significant because it has been associated with the Emerald Isle for centuries. St. Patrick himself used the color green with his shamrocks, and it was also adopted as the national color by the Irish Catholic Confederation in the 1640s. Since that time, many Irish groups, including the Friendly Brothers of St. Patrick, have used the color green as a symbol to represent Ireland and Irish heritage.


Green St. Patrick’s Day Gifts

 There are many great ways to mark this special occasion. If you’d like to send flowers, choose arrangements that feature white or pastel flowers and plenty of greenery. “Refined Elegance,” with its tropical foliage and white orchids and lilies, is a great St. Patrick’s Day bouquet.

 Flowers aren’t the only way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, however. If you’d like to focus on greenery, a simple dish garden is a wise choice. Green ferns and other lush tropical plants are a wonderful way to pay tribute to someone’s Irish heritage.

I you would like to give an even more unique gift, send our Lucky Shamrock Potato! Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a festive spud sprouting clovers.

Lucky Shamrock Potato

Lucky Shamrock Potato

 St. Patrick’s Day is a special time for everyone – whether or not you’re of Irish descent. Help make this holiday even more fun and festive by giving green gifts from Ah Sam!