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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on April 16, 2018 Earth Day Flowers

Earth Day In One Centerpiece

Earth Day is orbiting back around again on April 22, and we here at Ah Sam Flowers are stocked with some of our planet’s finest, most dazzling fruits in the form of flowers and plants. This year, get involved in our community by attending a recycling drive, planting, environmental fair or clean-up. Afterwards, have a meal that makes liberal use of the garden and go ahead and eat al fresco; celebrating the Earth and promoting conscious living on it is an important aspect of this day. While you gather with friends and family, top your dining table with a centerpiece that reflects just how beautiful nature can be.

OurĀ Woodland Spring is the perfect tribute to our planet, seeing as it showcases so much of its bounty. Roses, dianthus, freesia, hydrangea and cabbage flower all spring from a faux wood log, a rustic yet elegant presentation of seasonal delights. This design feels both earthy and elevated, a definite winner when it comes to celebrations that center around terra firma.

Take some time to learn more about how you can protect our planet this Earth Day, but also enjoy its fruits by getting together with friends and family to celebrate just how lucky we are.