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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on November 25, 2014 | Last Updated: October 20, 2020 Thanksgiving

How to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table

In the rushed and harried activity of our lives, it’s all too easy to forget to stop and smell the flowers. Thanksgiving is the perfect time for taking pause, giving thanks and enjoying the company of family and friends around an abundant meal.

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving festivities at your home or are invited to someone else’s, flowers are the perfect way to enhance the autumn vibe and appreciative mood of your celebration. From seasonal centerpieces to urban gardens,flowers and plants uplift and inspire. Consider these radiant flower ideas this Thanksgiving:

Bountiful Autumn Centerpieces

An autumn centerpiece becomes a welcoming focal point of your Thanksgiving table bringing the colors and textures of autumn indoors for you and your guests. A Fall Cornucopia centerpiece or a Family Gathering centerpiece overflows with autumn’s abundance for a Thanksgiving gathering filled with gratitude, fun times and good memories.

You might also consider blending flowers with autumn herbs and vegetables with the Ginger Spice centerpiece; it features ginger root, vibrant orange tones, bright yellows, earthy textures, seasonal grasses and even vegetables perfect for your one-of-a-kind hostess or you!


Go “Non-Traditional” with Autumn Orchids

Are you looking to change things up a bit this Thanksgiving? Consider adorning your table with an orchidgarden centerpiece. t. Orchids offer a timeless beauty and if properly cared for, orchids can bloom for months and months, so they are truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Fall Orchid Splendor gift or centerpiece is sure to turn heads at your Thanksgiving gathering. Its blooming multi-colored orchids are richly accented with phalaenopsis, oncidiums and assorted green plants. The Savoir Faire Orchid Garden also makes for a great conversation piece with a composition of orchids and succulents.

Whether you’re going for a traditional or non-traditional vibe, flowers and plants are the ideal way to decorate this Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving!