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Posted by ahsamgf on May 7, 2018 | Last Updated: March 4, 2020 Flower Gifts Flowers Mother's Day

Celebrate All The Mamas

They say Mother’s Day is like the Superbowl of Flowers, and Ah Sam Florist would agree. It seems everyone is dying to get their hands on—and give—the most beautiful and meaningful bouquet of blossoms that ever was. Mother’s Day arrives in one of the best seasons for flowers; spring’s bounty is bright, bold, feminine, romantic and enticing. It’s not hard to find something gorgeous to offer your mom.

The only question is how you’ll narrow it down to just one floral gift.

Think long and hard about the tastes and preferences of the mom you’re selecting the flowers for. If she favors flowers without fragrance, try some tulips. If she gravitates toward a free-form, fresh-from-the-garden look in the floral displays she has in her home, offer her an unstructured arrangement. If you know she loves a pop (or five) of color, bring a bold bouquet into her hands and watch her eyes light up.

For help to decide on what flowers to get, read a few of our guides, or shop our Mother’s Day Collection:

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hydrangea fields


When in doubt, stick to classic flowers like roses, tulips, peony and hydrangea. A lush and refined design is always a pleasure to receive and will make her feel like a queen for a day. Don’t forget to serve breakfast in bed and let her nap for as long as she likes, too.

Or just call us. Our floral designers are here for you. Always.