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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on June 17, 2016 | Last Updated: October 18, 2022 Flowers Summer

Bring in the Sunshine with Summer Flowers

summer flowersWe talk a lot about the meaning of flowers, the reasons to send flowers, and the occasions that require flowers. However, it’s summertime – and sometimes, we just love the color and the beauty that flowers bring. Here are some of the most popular summer flowers – we love them, and you will too.

summer flowersPerhaps no flower best exemplifies the carefree, wild nature of these months than the sunflower. These bright, sunny blooms can grow on stalks several feet high and wave in the breeze– and like us, they reach for the sun whenever it rises in the sky. They bring up memories of long summer walks and lazy summer days, and the sunflower adds a cheerful ambiance to every room it graces. Add in some contrasting snapdragons, and you have a seasonal bouquet that just exudes summer.

Green, blue, lavender, pink – the hydrangea grows in a wide spectrum of colors that bring a peaceful serenity to any gathering. These aren’t bold or rambunctious flowers, as a matter of fact, their delicate petals are most often used as a classic backdrop to other more vibrant blooms. But in the summer, with long days and no schedules, the hydrangea has found its perfect season. Bring a hydrangea plant to someone who is shut-in or cannot get outside, and let them experience the soft ambiance of the summer.

summer flowers

This summer, we hope you have the opportunity to talk it easy, slow down and smell the roses – or the lilacs, the hydrangea, the marigolds and the zinnias! We wish you a happy summer with those you love. Ah Sam Flowers is proud to be the San Mateo florist most choose to provide the perfect floral décor of this gorgeous season.