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Posted by Ah Sam Florist on November 4, 2019 | Last Updated: November 6, 2019 Flower Gifts Thanksgiving Thanksgiving

Bring Creative Hostess Gifts to Say “Thanks”

We’re moving into the holiday season, when friends and family get together to celebrate one another and everything we have to be thankful for. If you’re one of the lucky ones to be a guest at someone else’s table, it’s important to bring a hostess gift to show your appreciation. 

The floral designers at Ah Sam Florist, serving the entire San Mateo and Silicon Valley area, have some great gift ideas to suit your Thanksgiving celebration. Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends, work buddies or the new in-laws, we have plenty of suggestions that will help you arrive in style and charm your host. You may even get invited back next year!

Why Should You Bring A Gift?

The tradition of bringing a hostess gift to Thanksgiving dinner is a simple one, but much appreciated. Thanksgiving is a big meal that takes tons of preparation, so showing your host and hostess some love is totally appropriate. Plus, this day is all about being thankful, right? Here are a few guidelines to consider before choosing a hostess gift, no matter what kind of celebration you’ll be joining:

Stunning Flower Arrangement – Autumn Soiree

Dog Toys

  • Keep It Simple: Your hosts have been working hard all day preparing this meal and event, so stay away from complicated gifts that require assembly or too much thought to understand. A colorful and unexpected fall floral design like our Autumn Soiree will bring fresh vibrancy to your host’s home. 
  • Keep It Classy: When in doubt, opt for traditional choices like a bottle of wine or a gorgeous bouquet of fall flowers. Keep in mind that your host may have already planned their drinks and decor for the evening, so these may even be for them to stash away and enjoy another day. 
  • Keep It Personal: If your hosts are dog or cat-lovers, bring a toy for the pets. Do they have kids? A fun game will keep them entertained. Do they garden? A cute sign or stepping stone for the garden will be a welcomed treat. 

Friendsgiving: What It Is and What it Isn’t

This new-ish trend-turned-tradition is sweeping the nation and gaining followers each year. As many adults, especially millennials, find themselves far from family members and ready to celebrate with the people closest to them, friendsgiving has taken root. Here’s the idea:

  • Friendsgiving is… Typically celebrated on one of the weekends leading up to Thanksgiving with local friends, neighbors or co-workers, before everyone heads out of town to be with long-distance relatives. 
  • Friendsgiving is not… A replacement for spending Thanksgiving with family (unless you want it to be).
  • Friendsgiving is… A chance to express thankfulness to your besties, your day-to-day comrades, your tribe. Send our gorgeous Autumn Sonoma Garden to grace your friend’s home and show them your gratitude.
  • Friendsgiving is not… A spinoff from the 90s hit show “Friends,” though they did have great Thanksgiving episodes. 
  • Friendsgiving is… A structured feast with traditional Thanksgiving dishes and beautiful cutlery. 
  • Friendsgiving is not… Strictly traditional at all. It can totally be whatever you make it. Get creative!

Trendy & Striking Floral Arrangement – Autumn Sonata Garden

Fun Game

Choose to Make the Most of These Family Celebrations

Many Thanksgivings involve getting together with family members, or even in-laws, with whom you have little in common. While this can often feel awkward or uncomfortable, your hostess gift can be a great distraction and, if chosen strategically, provide a source of entertainment or conversation all night long. Here are some great hostess gifts to bring to the awkward family Thanksgiving:

  • Conversation Starters: Whether you choose an actual game that helps move the conversation along, or simply google some great topics for conversation before arriving, this can help with awkward silences or worse, awkward questions about income, politics and religion. 
  • Games or Toys for Kids: If kids will be present, arrive with an age-appropriate game that kids will enjoy playing together around the kid table. Parents will feel relieved from chasing little ones and you might even help avoid potential meltdowns mid-meal. 
  • A Special Favorite: Does your host or hostess have a favorite type of flower? Bring them a bouquet in their favorite color. A favorite wine or liqueur? Bring them a favorite to thank them for hosting and let them know you’re thinking specifically of them.
  • A Way to Help Out: Hostess gifts that are also helpful show your appreciation for how much work went into preparations for Thanksgiving. Delicious breakfast muffins for the next day, extra containers for leftovers, or a cute set of serving utensils might be exactly what they need right now.

Box of Chocolates

Scented Candle

Treat Your Host to Something Special

Even if your Thanksgiving is shaping up to be uber traditional and full of all the usual characters, dishes, and ambiance, you can still celebrate your host and hostess and let them know how thankful you are to be included. Gifting them with one of these unique or off-beat hostess gifts might even be the highlight of their day!

  • Something Indulgent: A fancy, lush hand soap or themed set of salt and pepper shakers they would never buy for themselves might bring the “oohs” and “ahhs” this Thanksgiving needs.
  • Something Fun: A family-friendly game that keeps everyone around the table even after dessert can infuse the traditional Thanksgiving with a shot of energy and fun.
  • Something Relaxing: For the busy host or hostess, an aromatherapy candle in fall scents or a set of bath bombs to enjoy once the last guests leaves is something your host can look forward to. 
  • Something Pretty: A fresh bouquet of fall flowers, a handmade dish towel or a new set of wine glasses can give an uplifting boost to the festivities.

    Bath Bombs


While Thanksgiving can take on many forms, it’s important to remember who and what we’re thankful for. If you’ve been invited as a guest to someone else’s home for this day, understand how much hard work, long hours and creative thought have gone into the day you’re about to enjoy. Give a little thought and consideration to how you can bless your host and hostess the same way you’ve been blessed to be invited. Your hostess gift can set the tone for the entire day and start everyone off on the right foot.

For more great ways to show thankfulness for your Thanksgiving host, talk to the floral professionals at Ah Sam Florist. We have great gifts and gift ideas, as well as beautiful floral arrangements that can be sent ahead of time.